The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce EP1

girlfriends-guide-to-divorce-trailer-e1413584600324-550x311Bravo has a hit. I love this show. I also love Janeane Garofalo who is one of the main characters. She always plays the same character and intense overbearing know it all. Which she does so well. It is this small community of what seems to be Step-ford wives. With a twist is seems that the women are making the money with house husbands. At least two of the characters.

Abby McCarthy makes her living as the author of a successful series The Girlfriend Guide to  ??? She is the Martha Stewart of kids, husband and family. Well she is living a lie. The husband roles in before the kids wake up smelling of sex. Wow that must hurt. He can’t wash his sweaty balls before getting in the bed with his wife. Clearly these people have money because there social circle is created by the school there kids go to. Which looks extremely expensive and exclusive. So there are the divorced or going through divorce women. The outcast of the school. She aligns herself with these women as she see her marriage going down the drain. While she is lying her ass off to her publisher because this is how she makes money. Since her house husband don’t have a job she needs money coming in. How about his ass won’t even fake it. Then her gay brother with his own marriage issues is not even supportive of his sister. Kept telling her she will work it out.

Well Lyla Janeane Garofal and Phoebe played by Beau Garrett her now friends are trying to get her to accept the fact that her marriage is over. The delusion of this woman is crazy. Abby ends up melting down promoting her book and letting the cat out of the bag about her jacked up marriage. This is a well scripted and acted show. I will keep you posted on the progress.

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The Blacklist (TV series) Review


I haven’t written in this blog for a long time. Life took over. I have my shows I keep up on and I felt the need to write a review on this series. James Spader is an unbelievable actor and makes the whole series come alive. It is hard to find actors of his caliber. Most of the actors on the show are decent. Except for one glaring problem. Megan Boone who plays Elizabeth Keen is the worst actress. She only has one look through every episode.


She never deviates to far from that same facial expression. I don’t know how James Spader can deal with it. Rumor has it he has issues with her acting skills. Who ever cast her should be fired. It is very clear her acting abilities are lacking. I am glad it isn’t enough to break down the series. The writing, storyline and Spader make it easy to turn to the Blacklist, regardless of her bad acting. I really feel she needs to take some lesson and learn her craft. Or I can’t see her career going to far after this series.

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LeAnn Rimes Cibrian

Fox's "The X Factor" Season Finale - Night 1I will have to say I am not a country music fan at all. I do remember when this young girl came on the scene at 15 and made a splash in the country music industry. I worked for the entertainment community briefly and I have to say, Country music fans are the most loyal I ever scene in life. This girl is now a woman who acts like an adolescent teenager. She stole someones husband and cheated on her own. It seems that she see’s Eddie Cibrian as some sort of prize. I hate to tell you sweetie. Whatever he does with you, he will do to you. So she better watch out because Karma is a bitch. I really could careless about her or her life. These articles about her and the ex-wife keep appearing on my favorite gossip column. Not to say his ex-wife is right in this fight. I do believe she has more of a reason to be mad then this trick.

So today I was reading my usual gossip column and this article about LeAnn Rimes foolishness caught my attention. I do not have a twitter account. So I don’t follow anyone. So clearly twitter puts a voice to the celebrities. Which they really need a public relations company to screen.  A PR company will make a babbling idiot sound like they have a PHD. That is what they are used for to set an image. It seems so many celebs fuck up on twitter. Which they end up saying random apologizes that are far from believable. You meant what you said the first time. Someone told you that you fucked up and it could mess with your income and here comes the apology.  twitter feed leann rymesShe stated that her husband kids will always be hers. I didn’t copy the whole thing because it was a bunch a nonsense. The reason this interest me is, because she is talking about someones children. That did not come out of her twat. The jist is a fan called her out on talking about her step children mother. Which is beyond tacky. So I totally agreed with the fan. She really feels justified. Instead of being the bigger person and keeping her big mouth shut on the subject. She brings her up every chance she gets.  Brandi Glanville (Cibrian ex-wife) can also throw petty shots also. Not to say it is right.

But  she stole her husband, split her kids time and she is bitter. The children Brandi gave birth to will never be yours. If Eddie finds a new wife which is not far from possible, you probably will never see those children again. Which makes them not yours. The fact that you have no biological connection to these children makes you disposable. You are in their life from an adulterous relationship that stole their father from their mother. If you are so happy with your prize. Someone else’s man. Why don’t you shut up and enjoy your prize. Instead of starting shit with the man’s ex-wife. If she starts it first be the bigger person and bow out like an adult. You went on national television and said you were wrong. Except your lump make you music and shut up about that woman’s kids. All this shows is with the money, the fame and the man you are just a little girl with low self-esteem.

What comes around goes around ten fold. I hope you are ready for it. Your fans don’t even seem behind you!!!!

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Andrea Sneiderman Verdict

indexShe only got five years. Actually she got fifteen years. Five years on three charges to run concurrently.  She was found guilty of 9 out of 13 charges. The jury did not believe that she didn’t have an affair with her boss. The boss that killed her husband. A fact she denied on the stand in her boss’s murder trial. I do not believe her boss would kill her husband if he hadn’t rode the party train.

I have to say when this first happen and I watched the news. I was shocked. First of all he was killed in front of the daycare where he was dropping off his child. I instantly felt the wife had something to do with it.

I know every one reacts to death differently. Her husband was shot dead like an animal and this woman was cold as ice. She acted like she didn’t even know the man. When she was on the stand for her boss’s murder trial she was cold a defensive.

When I watched her being questioned by the prosecution I thought, wow you would never know this woman lost her husband. Then when she finally was put on trial and found guilty. Then the tears showed up. I was like damn. She should no emotion for her husband. When her ass is on the line she is a crying mess.

She got off easy. Five years for what she did. I know I am the court of public opinion. If quacks like a duck it is damn duck. I feel bad for her husband family. This woman had been in there lives for many years. slideshow_1002035366_sneiderman.0106_ba04Then she bought this man in her life and he destroyed her family. When she was crying I felt no sympathy for her at all. I am glad she got sometime, but not enough.

Clearly she didn’t appreciate her husband and let him fall victim to this foolishness.

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My Gerneration TV SERIES

imagesI found this show very randomly. It was cancelled on ABC after two episode. They did give us the whole first season online.

I have no idea what I was doing when this show was on. I would have pulled for it. I actually like the characters, writing and show concept. Now that reality TV has taken over the television these days. I have to say this was a great take on a scripted drama through the eyes of fake reality TV.

If you are board one day take a chance and watch the first season of this random series that wasn’t given a chance.

The story line follows a class in their senior year at 2000 for a documentary. Then fast forward ten years 2010 and they find these people. So much has happened over these ten years.

Enron scandal, 9-11, Black president. They show you how their lives have changed in these ten years. Also what still haunts them from their past. I would have loved to see season two. Oh well it made my weekend very interesting learning about these characters.


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Star Trek into Darkness (Review)

star-trek-into-the-darkness-I went to a matinée to see this movie. Movies are so damn expensive these days. I would have to say this was an okay movie.  I would give it a C+. I wasn’t totally blown away. My friend asked me if I seen The Wrath of Khan. I told her no. I got the ” how can you be a Trekkie and not seen The Wrath of Khan.”

Sitting at home bored out of my mind, guess what showed up on my Netflicks. The Wrath of Khan. I had to watch and see what she was talking about. This movie was made in 1982 and the one we saw was made in at least Star-Trek-II-The-Wrath-of-Khan-star-trek-8060518-720-5762011 I believe. The Wrath of Khan did feel dated. Now being so use to the special effects of this generation.

I have to say I was impressed with the story line of The Wrath of Khan. We got to meet Captain Kirk’s bastard son. We all know he was a playboy. I guess condoms were not on his mind.

They flipped everything in the new movie. Captain Kirk put his life on the line in the new movie. In The Wrath of Khan it was Spock. It was almost identical how they risk there lives in both movies. It was also interesting if you remember in the 2009 Star Trek James T. Kirk reconfigured the test of how to deal with death at Star Fleet. He did this to beat the test because he doesn’t like to lose. He almost got kicked out. It was referred to in The Wrath of Khan and that James T. Kirk got a commendation for being creative.

So they took a spin and creative license with what they would keep and certain things they changed. The Wrath of Khan was a better movie. I really enjoyed the storyline. I also realized I have seen parts of it on T.V. over the years.

There are few interesting things about the New Star Trek series. Such as Uhura and Spock having a relationship. That was an interesting twist I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

The problem with the remake is you can’t compete with the legendary William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

I wouldn’t call them the greatest actors in the world. They have created a cult following that is hard to achieve.

If you are a fan of the old characters it is hard to connect with their new versions. If they old version didn’t exist there would be no comparison to downgrade the new and improve Star Trek crew!! I can’t help it I am old school!!


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Game of Thrones (Daenerys Targaryen)

250px-Daenerys_S3I have to say she is my favorite character. She is the baddest bitch of the whole series. The mother of dragons is her self-proclaimed title. She has shown her power many times in the series. I also love that she doesn’t agree with slavery. She is building her army by freeing slaves. They are so grateful they are joining her army as free men. When the series first starts off you don’t get what she is about. Her and her brother were outed. Her father was the mad king that was killed by Jaime Lannister. They stated that the Targaryen had a lot of incest going on, so there is always one crazy one.

Her brother is evil to her and pimps her to form an army to get his father lost kingdom back. Eventually the brother is killed due to his disrespect of his sister. She surprised me in every turn. You can see her self-esteem building with every seen. The best scene when she sold her dragon for an army. Then she turned on the guy she bought it from.

I have not read the books which makes this series very interesting. I don’t know what is going to happen. I would love to see her win. I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen.

She is so young and so strong in mind. She is a perfect fit for this character. I can’t wait to see what comes in season 4.

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Game Of Thrones (Catelyn Stark)

250px-Catelyn_Stark_S3This is the wife of Brandon Stark. A lord and good friend of the king. The series begins with this family. You realize all the children in this clan do not belong to her. Jon Snow is her husband bastard child. How did he bring this baby home and expect her to suck it up, we never know.

It is clear he is not accepted as an heir. Her son likes to climb and witness the queen sexing up her brother. Jaime Lannister pushes her son from the tower window so no one learns the secret.  This is when you see the strength of mothers. She was by his side everyday. Until she realized someone was trying to kill her son. Then she knew there was more to the story.

All this leads to inevitable war after her husband is slain by the King Joffery Lannister. Her oldest son Robb Stark claims to be the king of the north and the war begins. She guides her son in this war. Which he was not ready for and made several big mistakes.

She was more loyal to the welfare of her other children. She only knew how one child was doing during most of the series and that was Robb. The other four were out in the world and she prayed they were alright. She wanted to deal with the Lannister’s to get her daughters back safely. She let Jamie Lannister go which created a problem between her and Robb.

Robb should have paid attention to some of her advice. Such as not marrying the woman he fell in love with. Doing his duty and looking beyond his self to marry one of Walder Frey daughters. This decision marked the end of the Kind of the North and his whole army. His mother tried to warn him. The last scene when everyone was being killed. Catelyn had Walder Frey wife and yelled let her son go or she would kill his wife. Frey immediately said I will get another one.

Her reaction was perfect when they killed Robb. You could feel the pain of her child being killed in front of her. Then she was killed.

She is a very good actress and I appreciated her part in this series.


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King & Maxwell (REVIEW)

MV5BMTg4NjQ0MTI0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjA1NjU1OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_I checked out a new quirky drama on TNT, King & Maxwell. Two ex secret service agents now turned private investigators. The premise of the show sounded interesting. The episode started in a very shocking way. Maxwell the female character was chasing a man driving a charter bus dressed in a chipmunk costume. The introduction to these two characters sparked my interest to watch the rest of the episode.

Then I realized the male part of this partnership King was Jon Tenney. He played the husband to Brenda Lee in The Closer. I loved him in that show. He was so charismatic. He is equally as charismatic in this show. His fine acting swagger does not help this quirky drama. I don’t see the chemistry between the two characters. Maxwell has no personality. She is clearly the weak link in this partnership. I am not interested in her character or getting to know her. Clearly they both have shady past from their prior days in the secret service. That part was touched upon, but not enough to care about.

The plot of the episode was very well thought out and interesting. A random murder tying together to a major political issue.

In any drama situation there are certain characters that carry the show. It could be one or several. For example the show Bones. I don’t watch that show, but both characters are interesting in their own way. King & Maxwell have no appeal as an interesting partnership. There interaction seems very strained. The jokes seem to lose something every time they banter with each other.

Rebecca Romijn who plays Maxwell needs to be recast. They need to find an actress that jives more with Tenney. The show would have more of chance. That is the only flaw I see. Bad casting can easily be the end of drama.

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Iron Man 3 Review

ironman3pepper3This was a very good movie. Now when you think of IRON MAN, you think of Robert Downey Jr. What is IRON MAN without smart ass Robert Downey. I am sure you have watch other Marvel comic movies, where the movie sucked. A lot has to do with the actor. It is the actor that brings Stan Lee character to life.

Robert comes with his own type of swag. He is condescending and kind of asshole.  All the years of the drama in his real life: it wouldn’t be surprised if he was really a condescending asshole in his every day life.

You see the human side of Iron Man in this movie. He is a man with a suit. Who is he without the suit. He is human man with a smart ass mouth and anxiety attacks. Also in Robert Downey asshole manner telling the little boy not to be a punk about his father leaving was classic.

He is having anxiety attacks from his adventures with the Avengers. Nice touch to bring in that movie into this one. Since I actually saw the Avengers the tie in was smooth.  I would have love to see more with Don Cheadle. Who I also feel is a great actor. Who has been underrated over the years. In this movie he came with his own suit IRON PATRIOT.

It was a nice touch that the Vice President was in on the plot of evil. Politics were under attach in the movie. Granted the bad guy didn’t car about politics. He wanted to show the president as corrupt to further is desire for power. Not the greatest story line, but entertaining. I think it warrants a go see. I would give it a B.

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