Love Thy Neighbor (Review) Tyler Perry Production

1652_516919721687943_907857884_nI watched two episodes of the new show by Tyler Perry Love Thy Neighbor. I wish I could get that hour back. I been watching the commercials and thought I would give it a chance. I could see the ghastly acting, but the mother character did seem a little funny. I am not a fan of Tyler Perry T.V.

I am actually not a fan of most of his stuff. No, I am not hating that he is making money off his work. Good for him. It bothers me that his stuff is so bad!!! I love comedy sitcoms. Frasier, Girlfriends, Living Single, Two and half men the list goes on and on.  The reason those are great comedies and Love Thy Neighbor can’t even attempt to be on their level.  The acting in Love Thy Neighbor is beyond awful. Not to mention the writing and plot sucks.  Who the hell hired these people? Did they take any acting classes? Who ever is the casting director needs to be fired!! Clearly Tyler is no Shonda Rhimes with Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. That woman has some major skills. That no one can deny.

I was talking to a co-worker. We both agreed that all T.V. shows by Tyler, the actors seem to be reading the scripts from a teleprompter and have no acting skills what so ever. Mama Hattie Mae had a few cute moments. Eventually her character got over the top and annoying. The daughter played by Kendra C. Johnson acting was beyond bad. I don’t know what works in plays but it clearly doesn’t work on television. I lost interest in her character and story line immediately. The son Danny played by Andre Hall acting was equally as bad.

The two characters that were the friends and coworkers of Danny, were the worst of the bunch. The white guy Sam was a reject Jim Carey type. His lines were no more believable than his character. Then Drew the one with the crush on the grandson Danny. Her lines seemed out-of-place every time she opened her mouth.

Beyond the bad acting the storyline was retarded. It was outlandish and unrealistic for a half an hour segment. A health inspector shows up and in five seconds says the place is closed down. Then all of sudden the inspector comes back to help fix the place. He felt bad for doing his job. So he wants to help because he thought the daughter was an attractive lady.

I know situation comedies are fiction. But come on Tyler. You couldn’t do better than that. I never been a big fan of the plays. Maybe that is where the basis of this comes from. I have no understanding how Tyler and Oprah couldn’t see this show needed a lot more work.

Did they even test this with audience. If so did they pay the audience to say it was good. This will not be a break out universal hit like The Big Bang Theory.

Or since Tyler has made so much money, he can make any type of shit and we are supposed to believe it is gold.

There are a few movies I did like of Tyler. Dairy of a Mad Black Women, my first introduction to Madea,The first Why did I get Married, and The Family that Preys. Now I am sick of Madea and the same structure of every movie. A downtrodden woman needs saving. She thinks all men suck and is bitter. Then a good man shows up in her life and saves her in some kind of way. Which seems to be the plow of countless Tyler Perry productions.

Funny that is part of the story line in Love Thy Neighbor. Can we have an original thought. I guess not the combination has made Tyler a lot of money. I don’t hate the player just the game. I wish him luck and all the people who like his stuff. I feel it has gone downhill and I will not give another Tyler Perry production a chance. Good luck OWN network. Oprah has went from ground breaking television with her day time talk show. To reality show and sitcom trash.



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  1. Anonymous replied:

    You are so right!!! Love Thy Neighbor is Terrible with a capital T!!! The acting is beyond bad, a high school production could do better than this. But the real issue is that the show is just not funny and the laugh track reminds you how unfunny it really is. Tyler needs to stop! Oprah you need to have your Staff take the time and find some true undiscovered talent. I am sure there is someone out there waiting for their big break who can do a much better job.

    • monie556 replied:

      I just don’t get it. Anyone can see it isn’t funny! !!

  2. Kimmy replied:

    You are so right!!! Love Thy Neighbor is Terrible with a capital T!!! The acting is beyond bad, a high school production could do better than this. But the real issue is that the show is just not funny and the laugh track reminds you how unfunny it really is. Tyler needs to stop! Oprah you need to have your Staff take the time and find some true undiscovered talent. I am sure there is someone out there waiting for their big break who can do a much better job.

    • monie556 replied:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!

  3. PA Lewis replied:

    I’am a big fan of Tyler, so I won’t be cruel…but I will say this with love..Love Thy Neighbor is a bit of a let down…I love Hattie and Floyd. I also understand your compassion to help the new and unknown, but the team of young adults on the show is annoying to say the least, the laugh bites are gut rinching, even when something is at lease amusing the fake laughter takes that away. I’m not gonna give up on it, I beleive in what you do…but please re-evaluate ..It’s not your kind of funny. with love PALewis

    • monie556 replied:

      I appreciate your comment. I do believe everyone has a right to their opinion. There are different types of comedy I don’t like. I feel in this case that is not the issue. It is the lack of skills in the acting and the writing. I am not a fan of Tyler but there are a few things I do like that he did. I feel this TV shows need much improvement to be on the line of the ones on prime time and winning awards. If he wants to take up air space that is fine. I just wont be watching.

  4. Elaine Barbour replied:

    I dislike love thy neighbor. That old woman has a terrible voice and I can’t stand listening to her. I like the Haves and Have Not and I look forward to the episodes every week.

  5. Pamela Pamela replied:

    Let me start off by saying I love, love, love, love Tyler Perry and I will buy anything he sells and go to any movie he produces and even though I cannot stand LOVE THY NEIGHBOR I will still turn my tv on so that he will get the ratings. I have to say I loved Floyd on House Of Payne after the Barber Shop episodes because I think he and Curtis has great chemistry together but I don’t really care for him on Love Thy Neighbor, but I have to say if not for he and Hattie the show would be a real bust. I think that it’s very unfortunated that Hattie doesn’t have better actors to enhance her talent because she really is funny. I love when she and Madea gets together. OMG. I be cracking up.. The four young adults on the show, they simply cannot act. Hattie’s grandson and his roommate is Horrible. The white guy(the roommate) makes me feel like he is trying to be goofy like Jim Carey and its not working. I hate when they come on. The young black girl she seems sweet but maybe she needs a better acting role. hey I’m only one person and Praise God my opinion won’t make or break Tyler. So with that being said. I LOVE YOU TYLER PERRY.



    • monie556 replied:

      I appreciate your comment. I am not a big Tyler Perry fan. I have heard the have and the have nots is good. I haven’t checked it out so I can’t really comment. 🙂

  6. Anonymous replied:

    Tyler Perry is a talent black man. I admire the gift that God has given him to write. I am a writer myself. A lot of his movies and plays are very touching. Unfortnately, I must agree that Love Thy Neighor sucks. There are maybe 3 shows I did not like that he made; however, the overall shows I can really give me an A.

    • monie556 replied:

      I will say I am not that impressed with him. I do not knock his success. He has found a market and formula that works. Congrats to him. It is just not my cup of tea.

  7. D replied:

    I absolutely DESPISE this show. I’ve tried watching it with an open mind b/c I love Tyler Perry’s work; however, his tv comedy shows tend to be wayyy to over the top. I found House of Payne almost impossible to watch in the beginning (hated it), but Tyler obviously began to put work into it b/c I have actually purchased some of the later DVD sets. The difference is he had good actors in House of Payne and these actors are terrible. Love Floyd and that is where Tyler should have designed the show; Can’t stand Hattie — not funny and too over the top. Curtis is same way, but he has other actors that actually brings comedy.

    It’s pretty obvious that Tyler’s focus was on Have and Have Nots, which is as good (if not better) than any late night drama on tv.

  8. Just don't understand it... replied:

    Love Thy Neighbor is so grating to me that I MUTE the commercials… It’s like fingernails on a chalk board.

  9. Delia replied:

    Love thy neighbor is a horrible show. It is riddled with bad acting and even worse punch lines. I am a fan of Tyler Perry, but I feel as though his work has become redundant and repetitious; his stories have the same premise and I would love to see him move outside of his comfort zone.

    • monie556 replied:

      I agree!!!

  10. Anonymous replied:

    I love it!!! HATERS

    • Anonymous replied:

      Your ridiculous, obviously you are who they make this trash for.

  11. Anthony replied:

    Gotta agree with you. All of Tyler Perry’s shows are just awful except for House of Payne.

  12. Jazz Jones replied:

    I use to like this show but the son is so stupid for a black man (so baby fide)….I just saw an episode that I don’t even know how it got aired…..the mother going back to a man that has cheated on her so many times and then when her son gets an apartment with another man and he gives her a key, how stupid is that and then walks in on the room mate and he is naked and still doesn’t put on clothes and she steady telling him to put on something, being a black woman YOU know she not going to do that!!!! But to make matters worse she keeps showing up with food and movies like she lives there, GET real, that is not happening. Someone needs to start writing again or live with a black family to know the real truth.

  13. Jan replied:

    Unfortunately, I agree. I thought it was just me. I’ve tried to watch these show but keep finding it more irritating; thus, I totally stopped. The SLs are poorly written and the acting is horrid. I don’t know whose acting is worse, the over-the-top roommates or the Hattie’s daughter. Her character lines total, at the most, five words if that many, and those few words are empty when she says them. I’m no actress but believe that I would be way more believable. She is not interesting, yet a big hunk of this show stems around her. It reminds me of Godfather III. It bombed because a big part of the movie was surrounded by a poor actress. However, I’m not sure if it’s solely the poor acting. I think that it’s the whole thing. For instance, they’re in a restaurant, but Hattie nor Linda are ever wasting on anyone or bringing them food. All of them are always standing in the middle of this supposedly busy restaurant, TALKING!!! What’s also stupid It’s suppose to be building around Linda now being pregnant. Everyone has an attitude with Phillip, yet Linda went to his house to beg him for sex, told him that she was in love with someone else, didn’t want him, didn’t tell him that she was pregnant, yet Phillip is attacked by Madea (bored with her, too) and Hattie around Linda’s situation and all of a sudden, he’s the bad guy?! WFH!!!! Just down right idiotic.

  14. Anonymous replied:

    I love the and the actors and actress at first the show was a struggle for me to grasp along to but now last season and this are great they have gotten better with the storyline it is more interesting and relatable and i also love all of Tyler perry work.

  15. Anonymous replied:

    please please please–use verbs and if the word is past tense–please add –the appropriate suffix

  16. Anonymous replied:

    Worst show ever, Hattie is so annoying and extra!!

  17. Anonymous replied:

    All of Tyler Percy’s stuff is awful. This is the bottom of the barrel by far. That stupid old lady makes stupid faces. Ridiculous.

  18. Saundra replied:

    I think the show is just awefull. Not one line was funny and that momma in there is really retarded. You cant even understand her and she looks really stupid golding her arms. Im sorry but its thumbs down for this show, tyler perry can do so much better than this.

  19. Sarah replied:

    I have to agree that it is a corney show but it is so ridiculously silly that I can watch it except for just one major reason. The reason is the constant laughter, it never stops. It has gotten so bad for me that I can seldom watch it any more.

  20. Spartagon replied:

    Oh thank God I found your article! When Love Thy Neighbor shows its previews on OWN, I have to change the channel. If I am in another room and hear the show come on, I literally stop everything and run to change it immediately.

    I gave it the old college try when it first came on but I was disguised almost instantly. It angered me that the show would have a young woman dressed as an old lady to try and fool me. The acting is an embarrassment.

    They seem to always talk about hitting each other. It seems that violence is respected and encouraged in the black community which could be a lot of the reasons why black communities have so much violence– I digress.

    The show is stomach churning. What the heck is Oprah thinking? Give someone else a chance to create something worth while instead of that pure garbage!

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