LeAnn Rimes Cibrian

Fox's "The X Factor" Season Finale - Night 1I will have to say I am not a country music fan at all. I do remember when this young girl came on the scene at 15 and made a splash in the country music industry. I worked for the entertainment community briefly and I have to say, Country music fans are the most loyal I ever scene in life. This girl is now a woman who acts like an adolescent teenager. She stole someones husband and cheated on her own. It seems that she see’s Eddie Cibrian as some sort of prize. I hate to tell you sweetie. Whatever he does with you, he will do to you. So she better watch out because Karma is a bitch. I really could careless about her or her life. These articles about her and the ex-wife keep appearing on my favorite gossip column. Not to say his ex-wife is right in this fight. I do believe she has more of a reason to be mad then this trick.

So today I was reading my usual gossip column and this article about LeAnn Rimes foolishness caught my attention. I do not have a twitter account. So I don’t follow anyone. So clearly twitter puts a voice to the celebrities. Which they really need a public relations company to screen.  A PR company will make a babbling idiot sound like they have a PHD. That is what they are used for to set an image. It seems so many celebs fuck up on twitter. Which they end up saying random apologizes that are far from believable. You meant what you said the first time. Someone told you that you fucked up and it could mess with your income and here comes the apology.  twitter feed leann rymesShe stated that her husband kids will always be hers. I didn’t copy the whole thing because it was a bunch a nonsense. The reason this interest me is, because she is talking about someones children. That did not come out of her twat. The jist is a fan called her out on talking about her step children mother. Which is beyond tacky. So I totally agreed with the fan. She really feels justified. Instead of being the bigger person and keeping her big mouth shut on the subject. She brings her up every chance she gets.  Brandi Glanville (Cibrian ex-wife) can also throw petty shots also. Not to say it is right.

But  she stole her husband, split her kids time and she is bitter. The children Brandi gave birth to will never be yours. If Eddie finds a new wife which is not far from possible, you probably will never see those children again. Which makes them not yours. The fact that you have no biological connection to these children makes you disposable. You are in their life from an adulterous relationship that stole their father from their mother. If you are so happy with your prize. Someone else’s man. Why don’t you shut up and enjoy your prize. Instead of starting shit with the man’s ex-wife. If she starts it first be the bigger person and bow out like an adult. You went on national television and said you were wrong. Except your lump make you music and shut up about that woman’s kids. All this shows is with the money, the fame and the man you are just a little girl with low self-esteem.

What comes around goes around ten fold. I hope you are ready for it. Your fans don’t even seem behind you!!!!


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