I Love My Dog But

There is a big But. I will start with I am not a dog person. I grew up with cats. Cats were worker in my house. They made sure the mice stayed out the house. There were several cats that come and went while I was growing up. I guess I never felt they were my pets.  After living alone for a while I was lonely. I got immersed in the idea of having a dog. My new favorite show was The Dog Whisperer. I went through a series of dogs I wanted. I researched obsessively about different breeds. I visited a rescue place several times. Still I was not ready to make the leap.

My co worker punked me. He said “you keep talking about getting a dog. You are never going to get one”. That was the push I needed. I went on the AJC website and found a breeder. I made an appointment to pick up a Cockapoo, a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a poodle that was on her website. The day of my appointment I called and the dog I wanted was sold. I was disappointed. The breeder immediately told me she had a dog at the same price. So I thought why not it couldn’t hurt. I went to Covington GA on a mission to find my new pet. When I got there she had at least 50 dogs for sale. All different prices and breeds. Now looking back it looked a little better than a puppy mill. Not that I have ever seen a puppy mill other than on T.V. The place was pretty dirty and the dogs were everywhere. I had a price limit so she showed me the dogs in the range I was willing to spend. She had half yorkie half Silky terrier for 395.00. She offered to give the dog a bath. I did give her a dirty look when she pointed to the dogs I could choose from. She picked one out the litter and came back with a clean scared dog.

I took him home and I am looking at him and he is looking at me like ok what is next. It was more than an adjustment. I had no idea how to train a dog. The first six months were beyond difficult. I considered bringing him back to the breeder several times.

Now four years later I love my dog. Pedro is a part of my family. Is he a pain in the ass? Yes he is!! I still love him. Is he fully potty trained. No!! But I love him. We have had our ups and downs. He is more needy then a child. The main reason is he will never grow up. He isn’t even five pounds which makes him the forever puppy. That sweet face when he does something wrong will never go away. As he lay next to me with his head on my knee asleep as I am writing this I know I made the right choice.


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