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I decided to marry my two favorite things. I love reading entertainment gossip. I have no idea why.  I am caught up in famous people lives. Well I am satisfied that I am not the only one who reads up on famous people’s randomness.  Biggie Smalls said it in his lyrics (For those who don’t know he is a rapper) More money more problems.

So it is nice to see the rich and famous have problems. I know that sounds bad, but I have to say I don’t care.

So now I will have blogs with my opinion on gossip. Will I substantiate this gossip? No!!! I don’t know these people personally. I am just a person who reads gossip weather that is online, in the checkout line or Wikipedia.

The person I am sick of reading about (yes some of these people can beat things to death). Kim Kardashian is a name I am sick of hearing and reading. What people don’t realize is she is not the first one  famous for completely no reason.

The Gabor sisters also played their hand with this. They were famous for completely no reasons. Especially since they were not particular talented. They came to this country and were social-lites and married old men with money.

This new breed of attention whores are different then the old school ones. I remember Kim Kardashian as a friend of Paris Hilton another person I didn’t want to read about. Yeah that is right there was a time no one gave a damn about Kim Kardashian. Here is a picture of Kim before all the plastic surgery. When she was one of Paris’s rich childhood friends.

I wouldn’t be shocked if she sold her soul to devil to get this so-called fame she possess. I don’t have a problem with famous people. They just need to be famous for a legitimate reason. These girls have clear self-esteem issues. They don’t need the money.  Most people don’t realize these girls were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  Actually Kim’s father was a respected successful lawyer. He is actually was on the dream team that got OJ out of a murder conviction.  He probably would be turning over his grave with his children foolishness. So why do they want the whole world in their business. The usual celebrity tries to get the general public out of their lives. These girls want all their bad decisions all over the damn place for all to see.

The only reason Kim Kardashian is famous is because she screwed a not that successful R&B singer. Regardless of what she does from here on in, that is how she got in the spot light. She is a hoe and doesn’t want people to remember that is how she achieved her status.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree. Her mother doesn’t mind pimping out her kids for fame. I can’t bring myself to watch the show or any of the spins offs. I only see the commercials when I am watching something else. To prove my point her own brother called her a whore on her reality show.  She was commenting on his life in a negative way. I agree with him. Her opinion on her brother doesn’t have any validity when she went from porn start to reality show queen. I will give her credit she has pimped her whoring into an enterprise.  Kim should have given Heidi Fleiss some lessons. (The high class madam to celebrities like Charlie Sheen.)

Now everyone is taking bets to see how long Kim’s marriage will last. I give a possible two years. He knew what he was getting when he married her. A person who only concern is staying relevant. Just like  Super Head and her book. (The video vixen who wrote a book about all her indiscretions with married men in the music industry) In every interview she wanted to act like she was famous for more than her random sexual encounters.


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