I need to do better!!

I know I have neglected this blog. I need to do better. I have another blog that I post to allot. Well I started P90X again. I put my own spin on it. I needed to get out the house. So I joined Planet Fitness. You can’t beat it. Ten bucks no contract. So if I fall off the wagon I can cancel my membership.

All this started on Saturday. I have been doing an hour on the treadmill at a 4.0 incline. I have been burning around 500 calories every time I am there. So I have been to the gym. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and I am going today which is Friday. On Tuesday I did P90x chest and back, then on Thursday Shoulders and arms. I am on the beach body road. I am going to do my cardio at the gym. I have to say it is more entertaining than watching a video. I do a lot of people watching at the gym. I have been jazzed to go this time around. Yes I have joined to many damn gyms. Which I never really used. I have been gun hoe this time. I hope it sticks. So far so good.

I need to lose 25 pounds and tone up. Then I can actually have a beach body as they claim on the P90x box. A co-worker informed today she has lost 20 pounds with P90X. Here is to motivation!!!

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Natural Hair Laziness

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I will begin with I am not a hair person. I have never been a hair person.  I got my first perm at seven years old. (yes my mom was sick of my screaming every time she tried to press it) I always put it in a pony tail.  My hair is thick and even with a perm it would never be totally tame.

It would look great most of the time when done by a professional. One night sleep and that was over. Also a perm couldn’t tame the thickness. That is why I was so addicted to relaxers I wanted this bone straight hair. No one took the time to tell me the perm wasn’t going to do it. It would never look the way I imagined.

Now I am natural. I finally cut off all the perm. I can see my hair texture and I have to say I love it. I had no idea what was under those chemical. It has this spiral curl that I didn’t know existed on my head. I was totally in the dark of what my true hair looked like. How could I, I been trying to fry it to death in one way or another since I was seven.

This is all to say I am still not a hair person and very lazy. When I first started growing out the perm I was trying all kinds of youtube tutorials.  It was a new toy I wanted to play with. Well that has been over for a while. It has been buns to work and wash and go on the weekends.

I don’t know how much longer I can do these wash and go. It is about to be winter.  I need some hair motivation. I don’t have it right now, but I need to find it somewhere. I wanted to flat-iron it out and see what it looked like. Meaning I wanted to do that in my mind. I haven’t made it to plugging in the flat-iron to even attempt to do it.

In cutting off the perm there was no style just aimless cutting. I have no idea what this hair looks like straight. I am a little scared to find out. For all the hair people send me some of your vibes I need HELP!!!

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P90X Begins Again

OK my P90X mission fell apart. I did make it through 30 days.  Then I wrenched my arm and was in pain for about a month. I told myself when the pain went away I would start again. Almost two months have passed and that has not happened.

Shit I wish they could put motivation in a pill.  I would need to get a high dose to stop bullshitting. My co worker asked me how I was doing with it. I know he noticed me not going into his office and telling him about my P90X experiences. I was in there a lot over the 30 days. Then after I fell off my trips to his office fell also.

So I decided I need to shit or get off the pot. I made another calendar. I am beginning Monday.  I actually have Monday off so I have no excuses.  I want the results I need to do the work. I know it works because over 30 days my body was feeling stronger. I got on my treadmill and could actually run. This is a big success for me being the big couch potato. Wish me luck!! I need it.

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