Life went by in a blink. When I was young all I wanted was to be older. There were various reasons, I felt justified for praying time away. I was told Life is not a dress rehearsal. I don’t get a second chance to do it again. If I could do it again I would make different choices. To do it again I would need wisdom that unfortunately I have only obtained with age.

Things I would Have Did Differently

1, Tried harder in school. I did decent in school. I obtained a bachelors degree. I received an academic scholarship to go to college. I never tried to do well. I never put effort into anything. I would do the bare minimum. I would have been nice to see how I would have did if I really tried.

2, Thought more about my career. I picked a career in a random way. Something I would love doing wasn’t in the equation. I am suffering for that now.

3, Made better choices in my relationships. My relationships choices were based on short term things. Attraction was the highest thing on the list.

4, I could be closer to my family. I made no effort to stay close. I ran as soon as I could. All I thought of were there flaws. I should have accepted them the way they were.

I have more. But no need to cry over spilled milk. I do not get a redue. Now my view is time is precious. My decision process now takes that into consideration.

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