I need to do better!!

I know I have neglected this blog. I need to do better. I have another blog that I post to allot. Well I started P90X again. I put my own spin on it. I needed to get out the house. So I joined Planet Fitness. You can’t beat it. Ten bucks no contract. So if I fall off the wagon I can cancel my membership.

All this started on Saturday. I have been doing an hour on the treadmill at a 4.0 incline. I have been burning around 500 calories every time I am there. So I have been to the gym. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and I am going today which is Friday. On Tuesday I did P90x chest and back, then on Thursday Shoulders and arms. I am on the beach body road. I am going to do my cardio at the gym. I have to say it is more entertaining than watching a video. I do a lot of people watching at the gym. I have been jazzed to go this time around. Yes I have joined to many damn gyms. Which I never really used. I have been gun hoe this time. I hope it sticks. So far so good.

I need to lose 25 pounds and tone up. Then I can actually have a beach body as they claim on the P90x box. A co-worker informed today she has lost 20 pounds with P90X. Here is to motivation!!!

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P90X on Hold

I made it through the first 30days. It was a struggle. Time is my biggest issue. Also my lack of discipline was a major concern. The second phase was about to begin and my motivation went down the drain. I restarted the second phase three times. I was going off the advice two start over if I miss more than two days. I was trying to push myself in every way.

I made it through three days on my third attempt. I woke up the next morning in pain. A sharp pain was working down my arm. I attributed it to a strained muscle. I figured a few hot showers and sometime would heal my arm.

Ok it has been two weeks and I still have a pain in my arm. Not as much as two week prior. I am hoping for a full recover soon. I know I should go to the doctors but still hoping it will heal on its own. I’m giving it one more week. Then I’m going to have to seek medical attention. Hopefully it won’t come down to that.

My major issue isn’t my injury. It’s actually getting through the 90 days. I am not a morning person, so waking up early is out of the question. I have prior commitments a few nights a week. Which for some reason that hour and half of yoga always seems to fall on. I have an eight hour job that can be ten hours on certain days and one hour commute home from work. On a good day I can make it in forty five minutes. My two major problems are motivation and time. I desire a beach body so I am going to have to make the sacrifice and get it done. Wish me luck. I need it.

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The P90x Experience

How do I make it through 90 days? I watched the infomercial that made me think hell no, this isn’t for me. Is it possible that I could have a beach body?

It all started at work.  My co worker was looking totally different. It wasn’t a subtle change it was drastic. He had lost about 25 pounds which seemed to be gone overnight.  Another co worker joked, pretty soon he will have abs like The Situation from Jersey Shore.  Which cause his face to go completely red.  I had to agree with her, he was looking more muscular.  Of course I had to ask “What the hell are you doing”. I was waiting to hear “the gym”.  Thinking to myself he turned into a gym rat. The kind I would stare at while attempting to work out. The gym has never been a place of success for me. I would sign up for a year, falling for the B.S. I told myself about committing this time.  I thought the gym was about to come out of his mouth. I was shocked by his answer. “I am doing P90x” He was about two weeks from his 90 day completion.  I was intrigued and had never heard of it. Then a week later I noticed the infomercial on a random cable channel. Now I was all of a sudden interested.

Could this work for me?  Especially since I like many others have fallen for the infomercial before.  I was one of the people who bought the originally Tae Bo collection.  Now I have heard Tae Bo works for people who actually do the work out.  My intentions seemed good when I was giving my credit card number to the lady on the phone.  Unfortunately my good intention did no good when I actually received the tapes. They just collected dust; since my VHS player didn’t give the video’s any wear and tear.  I actually still own the tapes which the trash will be there next stop. It is not that Billy Blanks didn’t do his job with presenting a workout that gets people fit. I didn’t make an ounce of effort.

I had to do more research on P90x before I could give into the notion that I could do this. I went to YouTube to see what the public felt about the program.  I was really impressed with the reviews.  No one had anything bad to say.  I like YouTube because these people are not getting paid to give their reviews. OK am I ready to BRING IT!!!

Day one of my ninety day journey begins.  I have to say the work out were not easy by any stretch of the imagination.  Especially for me the original couch potatoes. So I began on the Classic schedule laid out by the program.  I could do about 40-50 percent of the workout.  I was shocked I could do that much being that physical fit has never been next to my name in any way.

The next day my muscles were aching.  I felt as if my muscles have been in a coma and they just woke up.  I went to co worker for a consult to ask if this was normal, and he said he felt similar when he started. I have to say it is nice to have someone to talk to during this journey.  He also heard that a lot of people crap out in 30 days.  Would that be me?

Tomorrow is my 30th day.  I am proud of myself but I know the next 60 days will be a challenge. The time commitment is hard to fit into my day.  I am not a morning person so waking up to do the work out is not an option.  I noticed the more I do the videos the better I get.  That Yoga is a killer. First of all it is an hour and a half. I tried Yoga before and failed miserably. My first and only Yoga class there were people well into their 60’s doing Yoga and I was falling on my face. P90x was no different.  I can say after 30 days I can get through 40 min of the hour and half DVD with about 80 percent of success. Looking like a damn fool attempting these workouts is easy when no one is looking at you.   The new video that was introduced in my fourth week that is kicking my ass is Core. I am still trying which is all that counts.

I have to admit every day I didn’t “Bring it”. This is the catch phrase that Tony Horton uses for your to push yourself.  The fact that I put in the DVD and have made an attempt regardless of my effort is a big success for me.  30 days is over and I am feeling good. No muscles yet, No flat stomach, No real obvious difference in my physic.  Let me correct that I did lose one inch from my waist line. I like many want instant results so I consulted my co worker again. He said he didn’t realize any major visible change until the second month.

I do know that I am very tired and sleep like a rock. I do feel the ache in my muscles which seem to be getting less with time.  My plan is to complete the 90 days and possible do it again where I can get through each video entirely. I might have to do it three times to do that.

I have to give this program an A rating. I will have to say after watching some of them more than once I get sick of hearing Tony Horton.  I just turn the volume down on my T.V and turn on some music and keep it moving. Since I made it through the 30 days now three friends want to do it also.  I warned them this is not easy, but hey give it a shot.  I will keep you posted on my progress.

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