More Money More Problems

Biggie Smalls coined the phrase Mo Money, More problems. If you don’t know who he is, I have no idea where you were in the 90’s. He is a major rapper who was killed at 26 years old.167836_340

I thought about this when the big Power Ball and Mega Million was won. I bought my tickets with the fantasy of being Rich. The truth is when you have more money, do your problems actually go away. They could actually get worse. No, you will not have financial problems. At the moment that is.

People who have never had major amounts of money in their lives. Have no concept of how to keep it, just how to spend it.

There are many rags to riches stories. Equally riches to rags. They start off with millions of dollars. Regardless if they earned it or won it. They have no idea how money works and end up losing it all. Thinking that millions of dollars cannot disappear. Ask Terrel Owens, and many like him. Then they are HOOD RICH. What is Hood Rich you might ask. Well let me head over to the urban dictionary.

a person with extravagant luxuries that they clearly cannot afford and they live in the hood or have a hood lifestyle

When you see a Rich person blowing money on frivolous things, and you work to keep a roof over your head. Your mind leads to wishing you had that money. I am convinced money might make your life financial stress easier, but does it truly make you happy?

I would have to say there is no way money makes you happy. There is many examples to that fact. From Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Muller, Allen Iverson, MC Hammer. The list is endless of people you thought had it all. Not to mention all the lottery nightmare stories.

Especially the child stars, they have it worse. My feeling is they never had a childhood. Then when they cannot achieve success as an adult. The child star curse begins.

The biggest claim to fame Micheal Jackson, he never wanted to grow up because he didn’t have a childhood. He wrote the song I love Man in the Mirror It was clear that he was not happy with the man he saw in the mirror at all.

How do you become Rich and Famous and avoid these pitfalls. Who the hell knows I am neither Rich nor Famous. I know I would never want to be a Kardashian.keeping-up-with-the-kardashians

There lives do not scream happiness to me. It screams pathetic. They are doing none of this for the money. They had money before this started. To pimp yourself out with a porno flick to be famous is just wrong. Also the young girls who followed in her foot steps.

Montana Fishburne,

Lawrence Fishburne Daugter.1eb1e_montana-fishburne-2-450pk072910

Now the little girl from MTV Teen Moms Farrah Abraham. farrah-abraham-sophia-abrahamClaiming she made a porno for her own viewing then sold it to Vivid for 1.5 Million. What are we teaching these little girl. Pimping your body will make you famous. Wow we have sunk to a new low. What people will do for fame and fortune is astounding.

The point is will it last. The Kardashian will probably die Rich. They have had money all their lives and I am positive they have money managers to make sure it is not squander. The person who wins millions, or the little girl who made the 1.5 Million for her porno I doubt it. It is one thing to work for something and another to be given it for nothing. I have no answer just stating the obvious. Greed is number 3 of the seven deadly sins. Think about it!! If you had a great amount of money come into your life how would you do?


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Hoe Cake Status

This is actually an old phrase. I am going to work on it making a come back.

This generation boggles my mind in a big way. A lack of morals is applauded and given a whole lot of financial gain. I have to say the white girls pull it off better than the black girls.

Who would have thought pimping porno flicks could make you a millionaire. I am sure we all know about Jenna Jameson (Queen of Porn) and successful business woman. She never tried to be more than what she was. She never tried to hide her business and how she made her money.Jenna Jameson-EKP-002189

What kills me is the Hoe cakes who want to pull off this Jedi Mind trick. You didn’t see what you think you saw. If you sell porn for a profit you are not what I would call respectable. I wouldn’t want you being the role model for young girls. Clearly that is what is happening. Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham are now kim_rayhousehold names. Both actually have a lot in common. farrah-abraham-sophia-abraham

The moral compass of young girls should not be one of them. This generation is going downhill quickly. From young adults feeling entitled and not having to work for anything. To young girls wanting to get pregnant to be on MTV Teen Mom’s. To laying down opening your legs and filming sounds like a great career choice.

How do we change this? I have no idea. It is everywhere!! These children are given these images on TV and social media. That it is okay to sell your soul to be Rich and famous.

For the few this works! It will not work for everyone. It is just like basketball dreams. For all those who have the dream, how many make it to the NBA. Not many!! So how do you convince children of this? That is a question that needs to be answered quick!!!


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The Game of Thrones (Arya Stark review)

I decided to review each supporting character first. I will begin with this little girl.

250px-Arya_season3Arya Stark will be my first character. She is the youngest girl of Lord Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She has a right to be royalty. She rather be a knight and fight. It was comical at first. A little girl wanting to fight and defend. They didn’t really tell you much about her. Other than her being a child of a Lord.

Her older sister very opposite of her wants to be queen. She is promised to Joffrey Lannister (heir to the throne) and is waiting for the day she will marry a future king. They are beyond different. The little girl seemed to be smarter than her older sister. Knowing that aligning with these Lannister’s was not a good idea. Especially after Joffery Lannister showed he was a lair and a coward.

Once the war begin and Jeffery killed the Lord Eddard Stark. Arya should have been imprisoned and used as a bargaining chip for the Lanniseter in the war. She escaped, which her family is not aware. I am impressed with the character. She is smart and naive at the same time.

Disguised as a boy to make it through undetected as she traveled alone. I love the writing and I enjoy her character. I have to admit she is not totally convincing. It seemed that something was off when she was playing a boy. It was hard to believe. I doubt she will win an Emmy for that performance. I believe she is a good actor, that has a great script. Granted I would have love for her to have gotten word to her family. Granted who knows what the series has coming next.

Also her father got her a fighting instructor before everything went crazy. Which I thought would be used later in the series. I haven’t seen to many fighting skills from her. It would make it more interesting if she started kicking people’s ass. I do enjoy her character, but I wish she did more. Some things they started with this character I haven’t seen them follow through yet. Her being able to fight would have made her believable as a boy. Also showing that her dream of becoming a Knight might come true.

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Game of Thrones Season 1 (The Families)

I was told about this series and wasn’t to interested in watching. I really don’t know what made me watch the first episode. I decided to give it a shot. I do love period pieces.

Usually ones more on the romantic side. The movie Sense and sensibilities is more my style. I also loved Lord of the Rings and this had a hint of a resemblance. I have to say it has exceeded far beyond my expectations.

I should have known HBO would come out with full guns. Without the restrictions that other networks have to worry about. HBO can make every series different and more scandalous than anything put on TV.

I have to say there were so many plots going on, it was very hard to keep up. If you could keep half of them straight you are doing good.tumblr_ljvomnekzJ1qa2ylwo1_1280

From what I could keep in my head there are:

1)The Stark’s -They seem to be the honorable family of the whole bunch. They want things to be right and the kingdom rules to be followed. The head of the Stark family Eddard Stark. Is a friend to the King in which they fought in battle. Yet he seems naive to how to play the game. He is taken from his land to protect the King. A drunk, fat  in debt man, living out his days King.

2) The Lancasters – The King is married to Cersei the sister to the Lancaster Klan. They are found to be backstabbing treacherous bunch. The brother stabbed the prior King in the back. They called him the Mad King. The sister Queen Cersei is sleeping with her twin brother Jaime. So all her kids are inbreed. Which reminded me of V.C. Andrews. She was all about the incest in her books.

So all the Queens children are not the kings. If this secret were to be known they will be outcasts. They will do anything to protect this secret to keep the throne. The only decent one of the bunch is the dwarf brother Tyrion. He talks a lot of shit and is the smartest one of the bunch.

3) The Targaryen – These are the relatives of the mad King that was killed by Jaime Stark. He had two children Visery (son), Danerys (daughter). They were exiled after their father The King was killed. The brother desperate to get his crown back pimped out his sister to gain a Dothraki army.

4) The Dothraki branded savages and the army  the Visery bought with his sister’s hand in marriage.

I believe I got all the families straight. There are still many plots to go through. I watched season one.  The writing is unbelievable good. I have to say each plot line is interesting. Which is not easy to do. There are many series that goes in many directions that are supposed to fit together. Usually one or two plots are interesting. Then the other are random and you wish you could fast forward through them.

I have to say all plots of this story has me intrigued. Clearly HBO has another hit on their hands. I have to agree with all the other fans!!! It is a hit. I hope the writers keep up the good work.

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The Guilt Trip (2012) REVIEW


I did not like this movie at all. I thought it was going to be extremely funny.  The commercial looked dull, I figured they didn’t show the funny parts. How can Seth Rogen be boring. He was in  Super Bad and Knocked UP. Also another comic icon Barbra Streisand. Her performance in Meet the Fockers was commanding laughs every time she had a scene. You would think putting this two people together would make a great comedy.

Knowing these two actors I am not going to blame them. They couldn’t breathe life into this bad script. The movie felt like I was watching other movies. Especially the scene where she needed to eat a big steak to win a contest. I know I show my age to knowing this movie, but John Candy in The Great Outdoors.


She even copied when John Candy took the first bite and it was a very little piece of food. Come on, I couldn’t believe the lack or originality. When they reached the strip club, could have been a perfect opportunity for Barbara to do a strip tease. Or something. She gave the stripper advice to put on a jacket in the cold. I just shook my head.

This film was also beyond predictable. I was expecting some outlandish comedy that these two are known for.

A Jewish mom harassing her son about his lack of relationship. The son wanting to achieve something but won’t take his mother advice because he thinks she knows nothing. He took her on a trip to use her to help his business. They bond by the end of the movie. This movie was pretty boring with nothing to really enjoy. These two people are known for getting great laughs. They failed miserably. Don’t go see this movie. Rent it for a 1.20 on Red Box so you don’t feel robbed. I give this movie a big F.

Cover of "Meet the Fockers (Widescreen Ed...

Cover of Meet the Fockers (Widescreen Edition)

Cover of "The Great Outdoors"

Cover of The Great Outdoors

Cover of "Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen ...

Cover of Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

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Django Unchained (Review)

djangoI have to say I really wasn’t interested in seeing this movie. My roommates at the time saw it and thought it was great. I wasn’t going to spend movie theater prices for a slave movie. When I saw it in Red box I started thinking differently. It is only 1.20. If I don’t like it I can just turn it off.  The first Friday I went to Red box I noticed DJango was gone. It was a couple of weeks before I found the movie available.

I have very much liked several of  Quentin Tarantino movies.MV5BMjIwOTY5NDgzNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjE3NjQxMw@@._V1._SY314_CR5,0,214,314_

Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are the two I remember. I wouldn’t say I am Tarantino Fan. I can respect his originality and style that isn’t like any other. He reminds me of Woody Allan with his own style movie that doesn’t resemble any other director. Granted I can’t stand Woody Allan movies.

Django Unchained was a great movie. I fast forward through many gruesome scene. Especially when the dogs were ripping apart a slave limb by limb. One of my reasoning for not seeing this movie originally was the violence. I also didn’t want to watch anymore slave movies. I felt I was done watching stories from that era of U.S. history. The part of the history glossed over in my history classes. Wanting to create the illusion slavery wasn’t as bad as it was.

The Movie Roots going through my mind.

When the slave owner is telling him his new name is Toby while he being whipped yelling his name is Kunta Kinte. We no slavery is a big stain on American history that can’t be denied. No different from The Holocaust.

A group of people doing inhuman things to humans. Even if it glossed over to being less horrific than it was. There are many parts of U.S. history that should bring shame to many. Such as the blankets infested with small pox given to the Indians. We can’t rewrite the past. I just don’t like viewing it for entertainment. What ultimately brought me to renting this movie? A white co-worker told me his 16-year-old son thought it was the best movie he had seen. Now I was intrigued.

Django begins with slaves being lead like cattle by tasks masters. This brought up feelings of why I didn’t want to see this movie. Even thought it has been so long that the movie was released I already knew the general understanding of the plot. So I wasn’t ready to call it quits yet.

I have to say even thought I doubt any of this could have possible happened. An uprising of this caliber does seem very fictional. I am impressed with the up rising of Jamie Fox character in the movie. Rooting for the underdog is what I was doing the entire movie.

In true Tarantino fashion he did create some funny moments that should not have been funny, but you just have to laugh. When they came in their white sheet and hoods make out of pillow cases and someones wife didn’t make the correct holes in the hoods. So no one could see out of their hoods. He has a knack of making a not funny situation very funny.

I know his use of the N word has always been criticized. I actually never had an issue with his use of the word. He has used it in real live circumstances that it would be use. He doesn’t just use it for no reason.

Donald Trump called it a racist movie. I find that comical. I really feel he needs to shut the hell up.  Just my opinion. The movie was good. Regardless of how you feel about slavery. We watch killing in many TV shows and movies of the underdog trying to up rise. In this movie that is exactly what happened Django rose and took his wife to freedom.

A+Quentin Tarantino


Best Line ever!!!! If you don’t think so, you have to see it.


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Elementary 2012 (TV Show Review)



I started watching the new Sherlock Homes TV show. If you ever watched Sherlock Holmes the title was easy to understand. It is the phase he always used when solving a crime “Elementary Dear Watson”.

Not the best show I have ever seen but very interesting. It put a big twist on the old concept of Sherlock Homes. They definitely took a lot of liberties with the character.

Sherlock Holmes played by Jonny Lee Miller is an ex heroin addict working on his recovery in New York City. Watson played by Lucy Liu is called his companion. She is actually his baby sitter hired by his father to make sure he doesn’t do drugs. It is an interesting combination. It sounds like Mr. Holmes is wealthy and really likes to solve crimes in his spare time. Clearly it gives him a sense of worth. It also lets him flaunt how superior he is over others.

He contacted a friend on the police force to start his mystery solving skills in the NYC.  Watson a surgeon who was suspended then quit her job due to a patient dying during surgery. She is clearly trying to hide from her past life. Holmes has given her a new calling.

I am sure the father’s check will come to an end. Then she will join forces with Holmes to help him solve these major crimes. He really didn’t care for her at first. Now that her skills in deduction have helped him in several cases he has respect for abilities. He also likes her help and company.

I have to say the show is slightly interesting. Not something I would rush to watch every week. It is pretty decent to pass the time if you have nothing better to do. I doubt it will win an enemy. If it does I would be totally shocked. It is not that bad of a show. I would give it a C.


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I spent my Saturday watching the first Season of GIRLS the new HBO series. I came to find out it was created by the same person who created the movie Tiny Furniture.  I found that movie very boring and annoying. This series seems to be spin-off of the movie to me. The main character is also the creator of both the series and movie Tiny Furniture. Both characters are Spoiled, Entitled upper middle class white girls. I read one comment that Lena Dunham was a voice of a generation. I would have to majorly disagree. She is a voice of subset of kids that biggest worry is how to pimp their parent to survive. The generation who left college with no skills that is marketable to make money to support them. Instead of trying to take these issue seriously. They blame it on the economy and their parents and mooch off their friends to deal with their lack of responsibilities.

Another complaint was the lack of minorities in the series.  Since this clearly is a depiction of Lena world, I would not be shocked if her reality is lack minorities. She does live in one the most culturally diverse Cities in the world but you wouldn’t know by the series GIRLZ . She stated in an interview that it was a mistake. I doubt it was a mistake but an afterthought, that wasn’t an issue until there were complaints from the viewers. Why write or include something that never had any importance in your life. Which would be a good explanation why minorities would be excluded?

The lack of minorities did not bother me. There have been many shows that lack of minorities. Which one of my favorites was Sex in the City.  Sex in the City was accomplished women who lived life on their terms. Not privilege girls who have had every opportunity and still do not seem ready for the real world.

I felt the humor was not funny and very insensitive. When she was at the gynecologist and insinuated that having AIDS would be a good thing. Or being sexual harassed by your boss would be a good self-esteem boaster. Also it is okay for your boss to feel you up because he doesn’t complain if you come to work late.  Abortion didn’t seem like a major issue and felt like a ladies day out.  I am not sure if this was felt to just be entertainment or is she that immature. Or maybe I am just to mature for the series  GIRLS. All in all not a show I will keep up with at all.

Tiny Furniture

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P90X Day 1

I am here again. I am actually motivated again. I think it took almost a year. I am going to try to stay that way for 90 days. I did Chest and Back today. The first video in the classic regimen. I feel my muscles. Which is one of the reason I like P90X. Your body tells you it is working. I only did five minutes of ab ripper X. I didn’t have time because I started late. Which is no excuse since the tape is only 15 min. But it is what it is. Here is to-day 1.



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Touch (TV series Review)

I was not moved by this show. I watched four episodes on demand. It is a drama and I can’t get into it. The premise of this show is the special son Jake played by (David Mazouz) doesn’t speak but has a gift. The child reminded me of the Rain Man. If you don’t remember the movie Rain Man I suggest you check it out. It was a great movie with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

Cover of "Rain Man"

Cover of Rain Man


The child in Touch gift is something deeper with numbers and he figures things out about the world. That is about all I could comprehend after four episodes. The father Martin Bohm played by (Kiefer Sutherland) has to figure out the clues his son leaves for him to help people. If he gives his father a clue and he doesn’t take care of it right then the kid freaks out.

My co-worker said it was hard for her to watch. I think it is hard to watch a special needs child freaking out on the show. I guess I couldn’t really connect with the child. Also it feels like the father is a perfect stranger to his son. He doesn’t really no how to deal with him. He guess where his clues are trying to lead him. I might have liked it if he was in totally in tune with his son. I feel like the father is chasing his tale the whole episodes. He fixes some random people s issues and I guess all is good with the world. The son is like a special needs super hero. I wish I could get my time I spent watching this back. I am not sure if this has been renewed. I wouldn’t be shocked if it ended up on the cutting room floor.

After the first episode I didn’t like the show. After the fourth I really didn’t like the show. If you are looking for entertainment this isn’t it.

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