My Gerneration TV SERIES

imagesI found this show very randomly. It was cancelled on ABC after two episode. They did give us the whole first season online.

I have no idea what I was doing when this show was on. I would have pulled for it. I actually like the characters, writing and show concept. Now that reality TV has taken over the television these days. I have to say this was a great take on a scripted drama through the eyes of fake reality TV.

If you are board one day take a chance and watch the first season of this random series that wasn’t given a chance.

The story line follows a class in their senior year at 2000 for a documentary. Then fast forward ten years 2010 and they find these people. So much has happened over these ten years.

Enron scandal, 9-11, Black president. They show you how their lives have changed in these ten years. Also what still haunts them from their past. I would have loved to see season two. Oh well it made my weekend very interesting learning about these characters.



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Scandal (TV show review)

I missed this show when it premiered. I was bored this weekend and started going through the on demand TV shows. I gave it a try. I am in love with this show. It really had me from the beginning. I am feeling the main character Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington. Not only is she beautiful. She is confident and authoritative and moves her weight around. I love seeing a black woman in this role. She plays it perfectly.

The writers for this show are really good. The fact of all the affairs with the president and Olivia being one of them. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Under the disguises as a lawyer’s office. They are really crisis managers. They clearly know where all the bodies are buried in Washington D.C. This is used for her advantage to handle her clients issues.

All the inner workings of Washington D.C. and politics I can see this company really existing. One character I really didn’t like. Quinn Perkins played by Katie Lowes. She is the fresh new hire that seems a little green to the real world and the inner dirty world of politics. I am not sure if she is a fit for the show.

She cried when Olivia read this woman the riot act on behalf of the president. I understand feeling bad for the girl but tears come on. She slept with the leader of the free world and thought there would be no consequences. To be honest I never cared if our president has affairs. As long as things are working for the country.

Either way the show is beyond interesting. I am not convinced with all the characters performances. I do like the main character she has caught my interest I am going to stay tuned.

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