Iron Man 3 Review

ironman3pepper3This was a very good movie. Now when you think of IRON MAN, you think of Robert Downey Jr. What is IRON MAN without smart ass Robert Downey. I am sure you have watch other Marvel comic movies, where the movie sucked. A lot has to do with the actor. It is the actor that brings Stan Lee character to life.

Robert comes with his own type of swag. He is condescending and kind of asshole.  All the years of the drama in his real life: it wouldn’t be surprised if he was really a condescending asshole in his every day life.

You see the human side of Iron Man in this movie. He is a man with a suit. Who is he without the suit. He is human man with a smart ass mouth and anxiety attacks. Also in Robert Downey asshole manner telling the little boy not to be a punk about his father leaving was classic.

He is having anxiety attacks from his adventures with the Avengers. Nice touch to bring in that movie into this one. Since I actually saw the Avengers the tie in was smooth.  I would have love to see more with Don Cheadle. Who I also feel is a great actor. Who has been underrated over the years. In this movie he came with his own suit IRON PATRIOT.

It was a nice touch that the Vice President was in on the plot of evil. Politics were under attach in the movie. Granted the bad guy didn’t car about politics. He wanted to show the president as corrupt to further is desire for power. Not the greatest story line, but entertaining. I think it warrants a go see. I would give it a B.


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