The Girlfriends Guide to Divorce EP1

girlfriends-guide-to-divorce-trailer-e1413584600324-550x311Bravo has a hit. I love this show. I also love Janeane Garofalo who is one of the main characters. She always plays the same character and intense overbearing know it all. Which she does so well. It is this small community of what seems to be Step-ford wives. With a twist is seems that the women are making the money with house husbands. At least two of the characters.

Abby McCarthy makes her living as the author of a successful series The Girlfriend Guide to¬† ??? She is the Martha Stewart of kids, husband and family. Well she is living a lie. The husband roles in before the kids wake up smelling of sex. Wow that must hurt. He can’t wash his sweaty balls before getting in the bed with his wife. Clearly these people have money because there social circle is created by the school there kids go to. Which looks extremely expensive and exclusive. So there are the divorced or going through divorce women. The outcast of the school. She aligns herself with these women as she see her marriage going down the drain. While she is lying her ass off to her publisher because this is how she makes money. Since her house husband don’t have a job she needs money coming in. How about his ass won’t even fake it. Then her gay brother with his own marriage issues is not even supportive of his sister. Kept telling her she will work it out.

Well Lyla Janeane Garofal and Phoebe played by Beau Garrett her now friends are trying to get her to accept the fact that her marriage is over. The delusion of this woman is crazy. Abby ends up melting down promoting her book and letting the cat out of the bag about her jacked up marriage. This is a well scripted and acted show. I will keep you posted on the progress.


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