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Fox's "The X Factor" Season Finale - Night 1I will have to say I am not a country music fan at all. I do remember when this young girl came on the scene at 15 and made a splash in the country music industry. I worked for the entertainment community briefly and I have to say, Country music fans are the most loyal I ever scene in life. This girl is now a woman who acts like an adolescent teenager. She stole someones husband and cheated on her own. It seems that she see’s Eddie Cibrian as some sort of prize. I hate to tell you sweetie. Whatever he does with you, he will do to you. So she better watch out because Karma is a bitch. I really could careless about her or her life. These articles about her and the ex-wife keep appearing on my favorite gossip column. Not to say his ex-wife is right in this fight. I do believe she has more of a reason to be mad then this trick.

So today I was reading my usual gossip column and this article about LeAnn Rimes foolishness caught my attention. I do not have a twitter account. So I don’t follow anyone. So clearly twitter puts a voice to the celebrities. Which they really need a public relations company to screen.  A PR company will make a babbling idiot sound like they have a PHD. That is what they are used for to set an image. It seems so many celebs fuck up on twitter. Which they end up saying random apologizes that are far from believable. You meant what you said the first time. Someone told you that you fucked up and it could mess with your income and here comes the apology.  twitter feed leann rymesShe stated that her husband kids will always be hers. I didn’t copy the whole thing because it was a bunch a nonsense. The reason this interest me is, because she is talking about someones children. That did not come out of her twat. The jist is a fan called her out on talking about her step children mother. Which is beyond tacky. So I totally agreed with the fan. She really feels justified. Instead of being the bigger person and keeping her big mouth shut on the subject. She brings her up every chance she gets.  Brandi Glanville (Cibrian ex-wife) can also throw petty shots also. Not to say it is right.

But  she stole her husband, split her kids time and she is bitter. The children Brandi gave birth to will never be yours. If Eddie finds a new wife which is not far from possible, you probably will never see those children again. Which makes them not yours. The fact that you have no biological connection to these children makes you disposable. You are in their life from an adulterous relationship that stole their father from their mother. If you are so happy with your prize. Someone else’s man. Why don’t you shut up and enjoy your prize. Instead of starting shit with the man’s ex-wife. If she starts it first be the bigger person and bow out like an adult. You went on national television and said you were wrong. Except your lump make you music and shut up about that woman’s kids. All this shows is with the money, the fame and the man you are just a little girl with low self-esteem.

What comes around goes around ten fold. I hope you are ready for it. Your fans don’t even seem behind you!!!!


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BeBe’s Kids

This is really telling my age but if you can remember the cartoon movie that came out based on Robin Harris’s standup comedy act BeBe’s kids. The movie was about him wanting to take his girlfriend out on a date.  He was supposed to take out his girlfriend and her son. The girlfriend shows up with three additional children whose mother was named BeBe.  The kids were rotten and territories the whole day.

It was comical and entertaining.  After that movie rotten kids were always given the name Bebe’s kids.  Well I will start with I do not have any children.  Now people want to discount my position because of my lack of giving birth.  I will disagree and I am allowed to have an opinion.  I was raised in the old school of kids stay in their place. They were not allowed to sit in a room of adults, while adult conversations were going on.  They were not allowed to see R rated movies or watch certain things on television.  Now people want to censor television instead of making sure their children are watching appropriate things.  Stop letting the T.V. baby sit your children and expect society to conform.  My mom cursed like a sailor but if a swear word came out of my mouth; I would have gotten knocked to the floor before the words left my lips.  Beating and threats by your parents were never taken lightly.  Most people had a real fear of their parents and that is what kept them inline.

Now I am not saying this is the cure all for all children.  That a parent can do the best they can, and their child could still come out badly.  I know people who had great parents and they turned out horrible.  All you can do is your best.

Just over the years it seems that these children have been more and more off the chain.  I moved into a neighborhood that was beautiful when I moved in.  It was a brand new townhouses some renters mostly owners.  With the housing crisis it is now more renters then owners. With these renters brought allot of bad ass children.  They have broken into homes. They have beaten up other children while getting off the school bus.  Even jump on a parent when the parent was trying to protect his child.  These children are out of control.  They are not scared of their parents or the police.  Neighbors have gone to the police to ask what we can do about this problem.  These children have more rights than we do.  If we lay a hand on them then we are going to jail.  There is a 12 year old that got carted away by the police for breaking into one of the townhomes.  He’s mom created a whole bunch of drama when the police came to get him. While  screaming  all she could say “he wasn’t by himself.” Not showing any responsibility for her child just ranting about the other children.  Now in my day my mom would have been beaten my ass in front of the police. Then told the police to take my behind.  He was right back on the street hanging out a week later.   When I seen him I am like damn dude didn’t even get punishment.  This is just an example of parents with no control.  Having children is a responsibility.  When giving birth you are dealing with a human beings future and how they will end up in the world.  Now certain things are uncontrollable.  I am not going to get into socially economic or abusive situations.  Not that I give an excuse to those situations.  That is just too extensive of a topic and arguments can be placed on both sides.  I am going into parent situations where these are people with enough money to support their children and their children are rotten to the core.


I have seen so many disrespectful children.  I knew this woman who was a junior high teacher in DeKalb county GA.  She had to leave the profession for several reasons.  The first incident was when a child said he was going to shoot her. Now back in the day, that might not have seemed like not much of a threat. Now watching the news these days we all know that can be a real possibility.  She told this boy she better not get to her gun first because she doesn’t have a problem shooting children.  Yes she threatened a minor.  The question is what can you do in that type of situation.  It is real possibility that a child could come to school with a gun and shoot you.  The second incident was a 13 year old girl.  She was very disruptive and vandalized her car.  It got around the school that this particular little girl committed the act, and my friend reported it to the school and the police.  The parents were upper middle class and beg her not to go forth with the charges.  The child was facing jail time due to the amount of damage done to her car.  They wanted to pay for the damage and let the incident drop. My friend was not having it and child went to juvenile detention.  She soon left the teaching profession.

Discipline needs to start from day one.  Now I agree with corporal punishment. That is how I was raised and I turned out decent.  Now if that isn’t you method then that is fine.  The problem is don’t tell me you are using time out and you get no results.  If you don’t want to beat your children then find something that works. I don’t care if you have to read up on military school tactics and having them doing a hundred pushups for acting up.  Go to the library and find something that will have your child inline and it is your job to stay consistent. Don’t expect the world to except your problem child because you don’t want to beat your child. Or make the effort to discipline your child in any way.

Now I will agree not every child needs to be beat. My god sister could make her daughter cry by a look.  She has never gotten beat in her life and is a good child.  Now not all children are not in that same category.  I also do not excuse behavior because they are young and you laugh and think it is cute.  Things you allow when they are young might not be cute when they hit their teenage years. If they don’t know you are the boss at three. They probably will feel the same way when they are 15. I had a family member whose was child was swearing at a young age. She thought it was cute and would laugh when the curse words came out of his mouth.  She did nothing to discipline him. I use to call this child a demon spawn because he was horrific.  I told her don’t call me when he needs bail money.

There are alternative ways of discipline. I have a friend that preteen was bringing home bad grades. She tried the beating that didn’t work. Well this child was popular at her school and dressed very well. She was praised in the school for her fashion sense and was very proud of it.  As we all know she did not have a job and was not buying those clothes. Her mom told her if those grades did not come up she was going to Wal-Mart and buying a sweat suit and some cheap sneakers and that is what she will be wearing to school every day. The little girl was horrified and pulled up her grades immediately.  I talk to my friend the other day. Her daughter is in high school now. She now goes out and buys the outfit. She even goes so far to right the name of the school in permanent marker on the cheap sneakers. She said she hangs it in her closet to remind her how she will be going to school if she wants to act up.  I have to say she is very creative and gets an A+ in my book.


Now I have no problem with people spoiling their kids. It is their children and what they choose to do they do.  The problem I have is when the child doesn’t earn it. Have no appreciation and feel they should always get what they want no matter how bad they act.  I have seen children get rewarded for doing badly. Such as being disrespectful, bring home bad grades, not appreciating anything.

I remember I took out my baby cousin. She was about nine.  While I was talking to a sales person she was in the store tearing up objects on the shelf.  I took her aside hemmed her up in a corner and told her if she didn’t stop acting a fool it was going to be me and her later. She knew exactly what that meant and she stopped. On the way home she asked if I could rent her a movie. I let her know bad children get nothing from me.

An incident I was very impressed with was my god daughter. My god daughter went to a Christian school.  They took the kids to a homeless shelter.  She came home and told her mom a little boy didn’t have shoes.  My god sister told explained to her how blessed she was and to appreciate her blessing.  I felt that was a great lesson.  Which I knew she learned from because I was at their house. She had a school drive where you buy something for the fundraiser. I told my god sister I have ten dollars in my pocket whatever you can find in there for that I will buy for my god daughter. They started to make a joke and told my god daughter I would buy her whatever she wanted out the book regardless of the cost.  My god daughter looked at the book then looked at us and said mommy I don’t need anything I have everything.  This was several years later after she went to the homeless shelter.

These children get allot out of life for doing absolutely nothing.  What is this teaching them?  I know nothing in the world is free.  Eventually they will have to realize that they can’t get anything they want because they want it.  It is doing them a dis service to make them think that is how the world works.

I went on a date with this guy. He brought his son which he had custody of. I didn’t really like that he was bringing his son around me and barely knew me. The child was brought along because he couldn’t find a baby sitter. Now I told him we could rain check. He was very pushy about it so I concede and went on the date. It was raining on that day and we went to Toy R US to talk and keep the child entertained. I knew he was going to buy him something out of Toy R us. You can’t bring a child to a toy store and not buy them anything.  Later that day we ended up in Sam’s club and the child pointed to a fifty dollar video game and said daddy can I have it, it is my favorite.  He told him yes I didn’t say anything it was his money. Now you know in Sam’s club you doing some real shopping you are going to spend allot of money.  Well when we were in the check out and he tells me he really doesn’t want to buy the video game. I said what is the problem just say no. I could tell it pained him to tell his son no. When he finally built up the courage to tell a five year old NO this boy fell out on the floor kicking and screaming and crying.  He sat there and did nothing. I was totally embarrassed but whispered in his ear “sucker”. He looked at me in shock and asked me what I meant. I told him there is nothing wrong with that little boy except you told him no. Pick his ass off the floor and let him know who is boss. Well he didn’t do it. He told him to go with me and get a coloring book. The little boy was pissed he wasn’t getting the game and stomped his feet for the consolation prize of a coloring book.

He did buy the video game and told him he would give it to him for Christmas. I am like hell no. I cannot date this man and his brat of a child.  When we got to the car and his child was in his boaster seat we had a conversation outside of his truck. I told him we couldn’t date. He said very displeased. I told him we would never agree on how to raise children. He asked me what I meant. I said you bought the little boy a toy in Toy R Us.   Then was going to get him another toy. Which I didn’t have a problem with until you told him no and he fell out and you did nothing. Then you bought the game any ways. You are probably going to give it to him when he gets home. Rewarding him for bad behavior. We clearly have two different views on how to do things. That was the last time I seen or talked to him.


Now if they don’t respect you how can you expect them to respect anyone else?  I always found it interesting that Governor Sarah Palin was preaching things she couldn’t even control in her own home. She wanted children to abstain from sex. She didn’t want sex taught sex taught in the schools.  Then you see her daughter now a un wed mother under her roof.  Then video’s on U tube started to show up of her underage drinking with friends.  This is not the person I would take parenting advice from.  Now you can do everything right and still have problems with your children. Or a child can come from a totally dysfunctional home and succeed beyond expectation.  The fundamental things are to demand respect from your children. To also demand they respect other adults. Everyone wants to put the child rearing on teachers.  Teachers are not your child’s parents.  They are there to learn not to do the work that should have been done at home.

I was on the train going to a jazz event with a friend.  There were a few teenage boys on the train. Talking about having sex with the neighborhood girls. Now I am not going to get in to the conversation.  My friend and I were just shocked that our present in front of them clearly their elders and they did not choose to have this conversation in private. It was ok for the whole train to hear how they disrespected these women and their random escapades.


Allot of people have children and spend no time with them.  I understand that life has allot going on these days.  The little things count. The quality time with your child to see what is going on and mold what you want to teach them.  I use to baby sit a cousin child and she wouldn’t go to bed unless you read her a book. Now at the time being 16 I just wanted her to go to bed. Looking back on it I can appreciate how she wanted that time.  Now I am not saying you need to take your kids to Disney World some people don’t have the money. A trip to the park, the library, read them a book watch a video with them. I see allot of people have children and act like they are a burden. No energy time or effort is spent with these children.  There was a woman I knew with three small children. She spent more time chasing men and was never home. She always complained about how bad her children were. I always wondered when did she actually spend time with these children.  I was never in her home and maybe she did spend time with them. Every day she had a new story about some guy she met and how they went out and she didn’t come home until the next day.

Now I do not have the answer for why every child has issues.  It just disgusts me how I see so many parents not take responsibility for their children.  Then act like they have no responsibility for their children actions. Which I know in allot of cases it is a direct reflection of what goes on in the home.  As I said earlier I do not blaming every parent for a child that goes down the wrong path.  There is a level of responsibility that allot of people don’t take seriously.  If you raise a child and do not give them the armor of how the world works. That you have to work for what you get. That you can’t treat people badly and expect good results. That they are entitled just because. Then you didn’t do your job as a parent.

The question is if your raise a child and something happens to you will your child be able to survive?

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