Andrea Sneiderman Verdict

indexShe only got five years. Actually she got fifteen years. Five years on three charges to run concurrently.  She was found guilty of 9 out of 13 charges. The jury did not believe that she didn’t have an affair with her boss. The boss that killed her husband. A fact she denied on the stand in her boss’s murder trial. I do not believe her boss would kill her husband if he hadn’t rode the party train.

I have to say when this first happen and I watched the news. I was shocked. First of all he was killed in front of the daycare where he was dropping off his child. I instantly felt the wife had something to do with it.

I know every one reacts to death differently. Her husband was shot dead like an animal and this woman was cold as ice. She acted like she didn’t even know the man. When she was on the stand for her boss’s murder trial she was cold a defensive.

When I watched her being questioned by the prosecution I thought, wow you would never know this woman lost her husband. Then when she finally was put on trial and found guilty. Then the tears showed up. I was like damn. She should no emotion for her husband. When her ass is on the line she is a crying mess.

She got off easy. Five years for what she did. I know I am the court of public opinion. If quacks like a duck it is damn duck. I feel bad for her husband family. This woman had been in there lives for many years. slideshow_1002035366_sneiderman.0106_ba04Then she bought this man in her life and he destroyed her family. When she was crying I felt no sympathy for her at all. I am glad she got sometime, but not enough.

Clearly she didn’t appreciate her husband and let him fall victim to this foolishness.


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