More Money More Problems

Biggie Smalls coined the phrase Mo Money, More problems. If you don’t know who he is, I have no idea where you were in the 90’s. He is a major rapper who was killed at 26 years old.167836_340

I thought about this when the big Power Ball and Mega Million was won. I bought my tickets with the fantasy of being Rich. The truth is when you have more money, do your problems actually go away. They could actually get worse. No, you will not have financial problems. At the moment that is.

People who have never had major amounts of money in their lives. Have no concept of how to keep it, just how to spend it.

There are many rags to riches stories. Equally riches to rags. They start off with millions of dollars. Regardless if they earned it or won it. They have no idea how money works and end up losing it all. Thinking that millions of dollars cannot disappear. Ask Terrel Owens, and many like him. Then they are HOOD RICH. What is Hood Rich you might ask. Well let me head over to the urban dictionary.

a person with extravagant luxuries that they clearly cannot afford and they live in the hood or have a hood lifestyle

When you see a Rich person blowing money on frivolous things, and you work to keep a roof over your head. Your mind leads to wishing you had that money. I am convinced money might make your life financial stress easier, but does it truly make you happy?

I would have to say there is no way money makes you happy. There is many examples to that fact. From Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Muller, Allen Iverson, MC Hammer. The list is endless of people you thought had it all. Not to mention all the lottery nightmare stories.

Especially the child stars, they have it worse. My feeling is they never had a childhood. Then when they cannot achieve success as an adult. The child star curse begins.

The biggest claim to fame Micheal Jackson, he never wanted to grow up because he didn’t have a childhood. He wrote the song I love Man in the Mirror It was clear that he was not happy with the man he saw in the mirror at all.

How do you become Rich and Famous and avoid these pitfalls. Who the hell knows I am neither Rich nor Famous. I know I would never want to be a Kardashian.keeping-up-with-the-kardashians

There lives do not scream happiness to me. It screams pathetic. They are doing none of this for the money. They had money before this started. To pimp yourself out with a porno flick to be famous is just wrong. Also the young girls who followed in her foot steps.

Montana Fishburne,

Lawrence Fishburne Daugter.1eb1e_montana-fishburne-2-450pk072910

Now the little girl from MTV Teen Moms Farrah Abraham. farrah-abraham-sophia-abrahamClaiming she made a porno for her own viewing then sold it to Vivid for 1.5 Million. What are we teaching these little girl. Pimping your body will make you famous. Wow we have sunk to a new low. What people will do for fame and fortune is astounding.

The point is will it last. The Kardashian will probably die Rich. They have had money all their lives and I am positive they have money managers to make sure it is not squander. The person who wins millions, or the little girl who made the 1.5 Million for her porno I doubt it. It is one thing to work for something and another to be given it for nothing. I have no answer just stating the obvious. Greed is number 3 of the seven deadly sins. Think about it!! If you had a great amount of money come into your life how would you do?

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Hoe Cake Status

This is actually an old phrase. I am going to work on it making a come back.

This generation boggles my mind in a big way. A lack of morals is applauded and given a whole lot of financial gain. I have to say the white girls pull it off better than the black girls.

Who would have thought pimping porno flicks could make you a millionaire. I am sure we all know about Jenna Jameson (Queen of Porn) and successful business woman. She never tried to be more than what she was. She never tried to hide her business and how she made her money.Jenna Jameson-EKP-002189

What kills me is the Hoe cakes who want to pull off this Jedi Mind trick. You didn’t see what you think you saw. If you sell porn for a profit you are not what I would call respectable. I wouldn’t want you being the role model for young girls. Clearly that is what is happening. Kim Kardashian, Farrah Abraham are now kim_rayhousehold names. Both actually have a lot in common. farrah-abraham-sophia-abraham

The moral compass of young girls should not be one of them. This generation is going downhill quickly. From young adults feeling entitled and not having to work for anything. To young girls wanting to get pregnant to be on MTV Teen Mom’s. To laying down opening your legs and filming sounds like a great career choice.

How do we change this? I have no idea. It is everywhere!! These children are given these images on TV and social media. That it is okay to sell your soul to be Rich and famous.

For the few this works! It will not work for everyone. It is just like basketball dreams. For all those who have the dream, how many make it to the NBA. Not many!! So how do you convince children of this? That is a question that needs to be answered quick!!!


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