My Gerneration TV SERIES

imagesI found this show very randomly. It was cancelled on ABC after two episode. They did give us the whole first season online.

I have no idea what I was doing when this show was on. I would have pulled for it. I actually like the characters, writing and show concept. Now that reality TV has taken over the television these days. I have to say this was a great take on a scripted drama through the eyes of fake reality TV.

If you are board one day take a chance and watch the first season of this random series that wasn’t given a chance.

The story line follows a class in their senior year at 2000 for a documentary. Then fast forward ten years 2010 and they find these people. So much has happened over these ten years.

Enron scandal, 9-11, Black president. They show you how their lives have changed in these ten years. Also what still haunts them from their past. I would have loved to see season two. Oh well it made my weekend very interesting learning about these characters.



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