Star Trek into Darkness (Review)

star-trek-into-the-darkness-I went to a matinée to see this movie. Movies are so damn expensive these days. I would have to say this was an okay movie.  I would give it a C+. I wasn’t totally blown away. My friend asked me if I seen The Wrath of Khan. I told her no. I got the ” how can you be a Trekkie and not seen The Wrath of Khan.”

Sitting at home bored out of my mind, guess what showed up on my Netflicks. The Wrath of Khan. I had to watch and see what she was talking about. This movie was made in 1982 and the one we saw was made in at least Star-Trek-II-The-Wrath-of-Khan-star-trek-8060518-720-5762011 I believe. The Wrath of Khan did feel dated. Now being so use to the special effects of this generation.

I have to say I was impressed with the story line of The Wrath of Khan. We got to meet Captain Kirk’s bastard son. We all know he was a playboy. I guess condoms were not on his mind.

They flipped everything in the new movie. Captain Kirk put his life on the line in the new movie. In The Wrath of Khan it was Spock. It was almost identical how they risk there lives in both movies. It was also interesting if you remember in the 2009 Star Trek James T. Kirk reconfigured the test of how to deal with death at Star Fleet. He did this to beat the test because he doesn’t like to lose. He almost got kicked out. It was referred to in The Wrath of Khan and that James T. Kirk got a commendation for being creative.

So they took a spin and creative license with what they would keep and certain things they changed. The Wrath of Khan was a better movie. I really enjoyed the storyline. I also realized I have seen parts of it on T.V. over the years.

There are few interesting things about the New Star Trek series. Such as Uhura and Spock having a relationship. That was an interesting twist I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

The problem with the remake is you can’t compete with the legendary William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

I wouldn’t call them the greatest actors in the world. They have created a cult following that is hard to achieve.

If you are a fan of the old characters it is hard to connect with their new versions. If they old version didn’t exist there would be no comparison to downgrade the new and improve Star Trek crew!! I can’t help it I am old school!!



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