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No Longer a Sex and the City Fan

I have to say I was a big fan of the HBO series Sex and the City.  These four successful women and their dating lives in New York City were beyond entertaining.  I watched for six years discussing the episodes with my friends and coworkers weekly. The story of Carrie, Samantha,Miranda and Charlotte constantly in the rat race of the dating game kept me glued the screen.  Even thought the show was plotted around Carrie Bradshaw she was not my favorite character and I found her story line less interesting then the other three.  I could relate to the dating problems and the constant discussion about men that I also shared with my friends.

When the series ended in 2004 I was disappointed and knew I would miss these four ladies and their dating issues.   I was excited to hear about a movie in the works.  I was ready to rekindle my entertainment by the storyline that ended on suspenseful note of what happened to these women.

Sex and the City 1

I have to say I was disappointed by the movies.  The first Carrie marries Mr. Big now we know as James Preston at the justice of the peace. This man who left her at the altar in the beginning of the movie and strung her along for ten years made her look pathetic.   If you watched the series this man married a younger woman.  She found out about their engagement accidentally running into him at a party.  He pretty much came in out of her life as he pleased.  The ending of the series you are lead to believe he finally was ready to step up and be with her.  Then you find the movie starting two years later and she was still resigned to being his girlfriend.   After watching this movie I am just thinking damn this is a low self esteem billboard.

The storyline for Samantha was a bit more interesting but not that much.  She was struggling with her independence being threatened by being a kept woman.  She was kept and lived a life of leisure by a younger man who she had made famous. On the series she was an independent woman who slept around not concern how society felt about it.  When watching the show you were always wondering what she would do next.  While watching the movie I felt this could fit in a thirty minute episode not a two hour movie.

Miranda dealing with her husband cheating was more of an issue that felt real.  The show even thought sensationalized did deal with issues that everyone woman went through one time or another.   To make the choice to take your husband back after such circumstances did make her storyline interesting. It still did not help to make the entire movie worth seeing.

Charlotte life was a bit to perfect.  I was watching the movie like come on.  I am sitting in the movie thinking well when she is going to have a problem.  She had the adopted child she was denied from having from her first husband.  Then all of a sudden she was pregnant when she thought it would never be possible.  Her character just reminded me as a Stepford wife.  I could not believe they could not have given her one problem.

After watching this movie all the allure of the TV series was over.

Sex and the City 2

Ok I am a fan and watched the commercial for this movie for several weeks.  I gave them a second chance and regretted it.  I should have waited until it ended up on cable.

These four characters were less interesting then the first movie.  Wow how could this be possible?  Now they have everything they wanted and they still seemed unhappy. Now they wrote a movie of complainers.  Carrie problem is that her husband does not want to hang out in the street all the time.  Now this woman is how old?  She is not happy unless she is at the latest event or sipping cocktails or eating out.  During the series she was begging for this man to make her a priority. Now that he wants to stay home and spend time with his wife she has a problem.  Then she cheats on him and kisses Aiden.  Now the Aiden character which was her boyfriend at one point she cheated on him with her present husband while he was married to another woman.  When she tells Mr. Big of her indiscretion he gives her a ring to remind her that she is married.  I sat there in shock.  This is the best they could come up with. I was thinking how about a cliffhanger and they might be heading for divorce.  No luck in this movie everything was in a neat perfect package.

Now Miranda and Samantha life is pretty much perfect with no major issues.  Charlotte’s biggest problem is motherhood is hard even thought she has a full time nanny.  Oh did I forget to mention the nanny does not wear a bra. Which leads her to think her husband might consider cheating on her.  Now this is New York City I really think she could have picked up the phone and had a new nanny pronto. I could not believe this I was duped again.

I was also disgusted by the disrespect of the Middle Eastern culture.  Even though warned before going to Abu Dhabi of the conservative customs Samantha was still flaunting her sexuality.  Now in the series I never found her to be an uneducated woman.  To go to another country and basically disrespect their moral code was just plain stupid.  Then at the conclusion of the movie this disrespect was cosigned on by the woman of this country.  They were brought in to a shop and were praised by women of this country in their traditional clothes.  These women were supposedly New York fashion groupies and loved their ignorant display of disrespect for their culture.  This included, Samantha hurling condoms at the men at a market when her purse was turned upside down.  This really made these women look uneducated and insensitive.  I have to say I am very disappointed by this movie. The second movie was worse than the first. I have to say I will not be going to see a Sex and the City 3.  Hopefully they will let it die and there will not be another movie to see.


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