Game of Thrones (Daenerys Targaryen)

250px-Daenerys_S3I have to say she is my favorite character. She is the baddest bitch of the whole series. The mother of dragons is her self-proclaimed title. She has shown her power many times in the series. I also love that she doesn’t agree with slavery. She is building her army by freeing slaves. They are so grateful they are joining her army as free men. When the series first starts off you don’t get what she is about. Her and her brother were outed. Her father was the mad king that was killed by Jaime Lannister. They stated that the Targaryen had a lot of incest going on, so there is always one crazy one.

Her brother is evil to her and pimps her to form an army to get his father lost kingdom back. Eventually the brother is killed due to his disrespect of his sister. She surprised me in every turn. You can see her self-esteem building with every seen. The best scene when she sold her dragon for an army. Then she turned on the guy she bought it from.

I have not read the books which makes this series very interesting. I don’t know what is going to happen. I would love to see her win. I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen.

She is so young and so strong in mind. She is a perfect fit for this character. I can’t wait to see what comes in season 4.


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King & Maxwell (REVIEW)

MV5BMTg4NjQ0MTI0Nl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjA1NjU1OQ@@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_I checked out a new quirky drama on TNT, King & Maxwell. Two ex secret service agents now turned private investigators. The premise of the show sounded interesting. The episode started in a very shocking way. Maxwell the female character was chasing a man driving a charter bus dressed in a chipmunk costume. The introduction to these two characters sparked my interest to watch the rest of the episode.

Then I realized the male part of this partnership King was Jon Tenney. He played the husband to Brenda Lee in The Closer. I loved him in that show. He was so charismatic. He is equally as charismatic in this show. His fine acting swagger does not help this quirky drama. I don’t see the chemistry between the two characters. Maxwell has no personality. She is clearly the weak link in this partnership. I am not interested in her character or getting to know her. Clearly they both have shady past from their prior days in the secret service. That part was touched upon, but not enough to care about.

The plot of the episode was very well thought out and interesting. A random murder tying together to a major political issue.

In any drama situation there are certain characters that carry the show. It could be one or several. For example the show Bones. I don’t watch that show, but both characters are interesting in their own way. King & Maxwell have no appeal as an interesting partnership. There interaction seems very strained. The jokes seem to lose something every time they banter with each other.

Rebecca Romijn who plays Maxwell needs to be recast. They need to find an actress that jives more with Tenney. The show would have more of chance. That is the only flaw I see. Bad casting can easily be the end of drama.

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Love Thy Neighbor (Review) Tyler Perry Production

1652_516919721687943_907857884_nI watched two episodes of the new show by Tyler Perry Love Thy Neighbor. I wish I could get that hour back. I been watching the commercials and thought I would give it a chance. I could see the ghastly acting, but the mother character did seem a little funny. I am not a fan of Tyler Perry T.V.

I am actually not a fan of most of his stuff. No, I am not hating that he is making money off his work. Good for him. It bothers me that his stuff is so bad!!! I love comedy sitcoms. Frasier, Girlfriends, Living Single, Two and half men the list goes on and on.  The reason those are great comedies and Love Thy Neighbor can’t even attempt to be on their level.  The acting in Love Thy Neighbor is beyond awful. Not to mention the writing and plot sucks.  Who the hell hired these people? Did they take any acting classes? Who ever is the casting director needs to be fired!! Clearly Tyler is no Shonda Rhimes with Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. That woman has some major skills. That no one can deny.

I was talking to a co-worker. We both agreed that all T.V. shows by Tyler, the actors seem to be reading the scripts from a teleprompter and have no acting skills what so ever. Mama Hattie Mae had a few cute moments. Eventually her character got over the top and annoying. The daughter played by Kendra C. Johnson acting was beyond bad. I don’t know what works in plays but it clearly doesn’t work on television. I lost interest in her character and story line immediately. The son Danny played by Andre Hall acting was equally as bad.

The two characters that were the friends and coworkers of Danny, were the worst of the bunch. The white guy Sam was a reject Jim Carey type. His lines were no more believable than his character. Then Drew the one with the crush on the grandson Danny. Her lines seemed out-of-place every time she opened her mouth.

Beyond the bad acting the storyline was retarded. It was outlandish and unrealistic for a half an hour segment. A health inspector shows up and in five seconds says the place is closed down. Then all of sudden the inspector comes back to help fix the place. He felt bad for doing his job. So he wants to help because he thought the daughter was an attractive lady.

I know situation comedies are fiction. But come on Tyler. You couldn’t do better than that. I never been a big fan of the plays. Maybe that is where the basis of this comes from. I have no understanding how Tyler and Oprah couldn’t see this show needed a lot more work.

Did they even test this with audience. If so did they pay the audience to say it was good. This will not be a break out universal hit like The Big Bang Theory.

Or since Tyler has made so much money, he can make any type of shit and we are supposed to believe it is gold.

There are a few movies I did like of Tyler. Dairy of a Mad Black Women, my first introduction to Madea,The first Why did I get Married, and The Family that Preys. Now I am sick of Madea and the same structure of every movie. A downtrodden woman needs saving. She thinks all men suck and is bitter. Then a good man shows up in her life and saves her in some kind of way. Which seems to be the plow of countless Tyler Perry productions.

Funny that is part of the story line in Love Thy Neighbor. Can we have an original thought. I guess not the combination has made Tyler a lot of money. I don’t hate the player just the game. I wish him luck and all the people who like his stuff. I feel it has gone downhill and I will not give another Tyler Perry production a chance. Good luck OWN network. Oprah has went from ground breaking television with her day time talk show. To reality show and sitcom trash.


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Game of Thrones (Tyrion Lannister)

250px-Second_sons_TyrionI love this character. He might be little in stature, but he character is big with skills. This guy  Peter Dinklage is a great actor. He plays his ass off in this part. You know his father only helps him out of obligation from being his father. He killed his mother in child-birth. Which clearly everyone blames him for and rubs in his face. He loves the prostitutes and they seem to love him. He throws his money around to get whatever he wants. He is like Rodney Dangerfield he gets no respect. You feel sorry for the way they treat him. He is a side-show freak with money. Then you can’t feel bad for him because he knows how to handle himself. He is smarter than everyone else. You know he will survive the bullshit.

Out of the three Lannister kids he is the best one. The other two had an incestrious relationship and had three kids. The father knows this is true but never seems to acknowledge it.

Tyrion is a condescending honest caring asshole. He plays it very well. The line his constantly uses. I didn’t mean to offend you. Which you know that is exactly what he meant to do. Some characters are great when you read them in a book. They come alive with great actors. I believe he brings life to this character.

Equal to Lafayettte in True Blood. Lafayette was supposed to be killed off, but viewers loved his character so much they kept him alive.

HBO has done it again. They have made character come alive. Who ever the casting director is for these program they need a raise. They do a fantastic job!!!

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Dirty Girl Review (Netflix)

184_dg_1sht_V2.inddIf you liked the movie Juno you will like this movie. That fact that the main character real name is actually Juno is a funny coincidence.

It kept coming up on my Netflix suggestions. I ignored it, thinking it wasn’t a movie I would enjoy. I was board and decided to give it a shot. I laughed a lot.

The premise of the movie. Two outcast finding each other randomly and becoming great friends. Her wanting a father and being very promiscuous played by Juno Temple. Her new best friend a gay character having the gay beat out of him by his father played by Jeremy Dozier. Two very different characters put together and had great chemistry. It was great and not what I expected.

They went on a mission to find her father. They took you through a series of circumstances that were deep and entertaining. I have to say the scene that had me laughing the hardest. Was the car dance scene.


I feel these actors did a great job. It was an offbeat, quirky movie. I never heard of this movie before, but glad I gave it a chance. I would give it a B. If you got Netflix give it a shot. Tell me what you think.

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The Guilt Trip (2012) REVIEW


I did not like this movie at all. I thought it was going to be extremely funny.  The commercial looked dull, I figured they didn’t show the funny parts. How can Seth Rogen be boring. He was in  Super Bad and Knocked UP. Also another comic icon Barbra Streisand. Her performance in Meet the Fockers was commanding laughs every time she had a scene. You would think putting this two people together would make a great comedy.

Knowing these two actors I am not going to blame them. They couldn’t breathe life into this bad script. The movie felt like I was watching other movies. Especially the scene where she needed to eat a big steak to win a contest. I know I show my age to knowing this movie, but John Candy in The Great Outdoors.


She even copied when John Candy took the first bite and it was a very little piece of food. Come on, I couldn’t believe the lack or originality. When they reached the strip club, could have been a perfect opportunity for Barbara to do a strip tease. Or something. She gave the stripper advice to put on a jacket in the cold. I just shook my head.

This film was also beyond predictable. I was expecting some outlandish comedy that these two are known for.

A Jewish mom harassing her son about his lack of relationship. The son wanting to achieve something but won’t take his mother advice because he thinks she knows nothing. He took her on a trip to use her to help his business. They bond by the end of the movie. This movie was pretty boring with nothing to really enjoy. These two people are known for getting great laughs. They failed miserably. Don’t go see this movie. Rent it for a 1.20 on Red Box so you don’t feel robbed. I give this movie a big F.

Cover of "Meet the Fockers (Widescreen Ed...

Cover of Meet the Fockers (Widescreen Edition)

Cover of "The Great Outdoors"

Cover of The Great Outdoors

Cover of "Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen ...

Cover of Knocked Up (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

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I spent my Saturday watching the first Season of GIRLS the new HBO series. I came to find out it was created by the same person who created the movie Tiny Furniture.  I found that movie very boring and annoying. This series seems to be spin-off of the movie to me. The main character is also the creator of both the series and movie Tiny Furniture. Both characters are Spoiled, Entitled upper middle class white girls. I read one comment that Lena Dunham was a voice of a generation. I would have to majorly disagree. She is a voice of subset of kids that biggest worry is how to pimp their parent to survive. The generation who left college with no skills that is marketable to make money to support them. Instead of trying to take these issue seriously. They blame it on the economy and their parents and mooch off their friends to deal with their lack of responsibilities.

Another complaint was the lack of minorities in the series.  Since this clearly is a depiction of Lena world, I would not be shocked if her reality is lack minorities. She does live in one the most culturally diverse Cities in the world but you wouldn’t know by the series GIRLZ . She stated in an interview that it was a mistake. I doubt it was a mistake but an afterthought, that wasn’t an issue until there were complaints from the viewers. Why write or include something that never had any importance in your life. Which would be a good explanation why minorities would be excluded?

The lack of minorities did not bother me. There have been many shows that lack of minorities. Which one of my favorites was Sex in the City.  Sex in the City was accomplished women who lived life on their terms. Not privilege girls who have had every opportunity and still do not seem ready for the real world.

I felt the humor was not funny and very insensitive. When she was at the gynecologist and insinuated that having AIDS would be a good thing. Or being sexual harassed by your boss would be a good self-esteem boaster. Also it is okay for your boss to feel you up because he doesn’t complain if you come to work late.  Abortion didn’t seem like a major issue and felt like a ladies day out.  I am not sure if this was felt to just be entertainment or is she that immature. Or maybe I am just to mature for the series  GIRLS. All in all not a show I will keep up with at all.

Tiny Furniture

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Scandal (TV show review) Season One Wrap up

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Oper...

English: Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-11 Season Opening Night – “Das Rheingold” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oliva Pope/ Kerry Washington did the damn thing. If you don’t know what that means. It is slang for she did a great job. This is the role meant for her.

Well the network knows they have a hit on their hands. It has been renewed. Thank god. I hate when I get into shows and they cancel it for one reason or another. Sometimes these networks have no idea what the viewers want. I have to say I want more Scandal. Thank you Sandra Rimes for giving us fresh interesting dramas. It seems like TV has been lost for so damn long. Now they are coming back with old hits like Dallas. I saw the previews. I am not sure JR is up to being scrutinize of this generation. We will see if it survives. I am not sure if I am as caught up in rich people’s dramas like I was when it originally came on.

Never the less Scandal is a hit and will be around for a long while. I will have to say it is obvious where Sandra get some of her material. When the VP was trying to over throw the President with her christian values speech. She isn’t a christian for votes she truly believes. Sounded great until the President slipped her a paper about her 14-year-old daughters abortion. I guess every one has skeletons in their closet. Sounds like Sarah Palin bun in the oven issues. Preaching absence and your daughter is a teen parent. interesting how things work. Do as I say not as I do.

Everyone knows politics is a dirty business. So none of this is beyond belief. Which makes Scandal a great show and right on time. I can’t wait until next season. If you missed it, it is still on demand. Catch up it is worth it.

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Scandal (TV show review) 2

I am hooked on Scandal. Cu-dos to who ever is writing this show. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am four episodes in and can’t wait until the next one. Anyone who has not seen this series turn on that on demand and catch up.

I am attaching one of the best scenes in a drama I have seen in a long time.

You let the dog off the leash you don’t blame the dog. Damn that is Olivia Pop telling the president off. Talk about some balls. This woman does not back down. Kerry Washington is made for this part. She has the confidence to pull it off. I think this is her come out role. I have seen her act before. She was a forgettable actress like Sarah Jessica Parker was before she did sex in the city. She was known for her sex appeal not her acting ability. You didn’t remember her name or the movies she has been in.

My job is full of conversation about this drama. We are trying to figure out the mystery people pulling the strings. I told a co-worker if we could figure it out we wouldn’t like it so much.

I also like you really don’t know who is who in the president administration. I thought this one guy was the vice president. How wrong I was. The VP is a woman. Kate Burton is the actress that plays the part.

Yes the vice pres is a woman. It was interesting her relationship with the president. They actually didn’t seem to get along. He selected her to get votes. Sounds familiar (Sarah Palin). In this situation it worked. The president had to put the Vice president in her place. He played some hard ball for her to do his biding. It is the first time you feel he isn’t a wimp hung on Olivia Pope with no back bone. It is such an interesting dynamic.

We have come so far in television. Now characters can be openly gay. Also interracial relationship aren’t blasphemy. We have come very far since the first interracial kiss on prime time. It was written as involuntary so not to piss off sensitive viewers.  We have come a very long way!!

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Scandal (TV show review)

I missed this show when it premiered. I was bored this weekend and started going through the on demand TV shows. I gave it a try. I am in love with this show. It really had me from the beginning. I am feeling the main character Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington. Not only is she beautiful. She is confident and authoritative and moves her weight around. I love seeing a black woman in this role. She plays it perfectly.

The writers for this show are really good. The fact of all the affairs with the president and Olivia being one of them. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Under the disguises as a lawyer’s office. They are really crisis managers. They clearly know where all the bodies are buried in Washington D.C. This is used for her advantage to handle her clients issues.

All the inner workings of Washington D.C. and politics I can see this company really existing. One character I really didn’t like. Quinn Perkins played by Katie Lowes. She is the fresh new hire that seems a little green to the real world and the inner dirty world of politics. I am not sure if she is a fit for the show.

She cried when Olivia read this woman the riot act on behalf of the president. I understand feeling bad for the girl but tears come on. She slept with the leader of the free world and thought there would be no consequences. To be honest I never cared if our president has affairs. As long as things are working for the country.

Either way the show is beyond interesting. I am not convinced with all the characters performances. I do like the main character she has caught my interest I am going to stay tuned.

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