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I have a bad habit of finding TV shows after they are in reruns. My list is very long a few being Star Trek, Quantum Leap. The Big Bang Theory was the next on my list. I started watching this show when it started rerunning over and over again on TBS. I find myself watching each episode and laughing my ass off. In ever high school guys like this exist. The nerds with the lack of social skills and women in their lives. The shows is centered around a group of scientist and a aerospace engineer that work at a local university. An attractive blond wannabe actress named Penny moves across the hall from two of the scientist that starts an interesting relationships.

This show is smart and witty and beyond funny. The cast works great together and the chemistry works. I have to give a thumbs up to the writers and the cast director. I also love that characters from my old favorite T.V. shows make regular appearances. Sarah Gilbert who dated one of the main characters as Darlene Connor on Roseanne. She actually has the same attitude and mannerisms as she had on Rosanne.

Mayim Bialik also makes an appearance. She was the main character from the show Blossom. I love her character. She is the suto girlfriend of one of the main characters Sheldon. The relationship does not include any intimacies or actually touching. She has semi homosexual tendencies with her crush on the blond neighbor Penny. Which she has labeled as her besti.

I do like the main characters but my favorite characters are the supporting actors. Wolowitz, is one of my favorites. He is a horny Jewish man with a masters from MIT. He lives with his mother with big mommy issues. He is constantly trying to find a woman and have sex. He is crude and rude having no clue of how to communicate with women. Koothrappali is also one of my favorites. He is a PhD from India that cannot talk to women unless drunk. When he is with the guys he always has something to say that throws you off and makes you laugh. Such as the guys were going to a bar and he blurts out ” we are going to meet women to hit and quite it.”

Now I am addicted to this show. I know anyone can get a laugh. I suggest you take a view. A friend of mine found the show and now instantly love it also.

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