Game of Thrones (Daenerys Targaryen)

250px-Daenerys_S3I have to say she is my favorite character. She is the baddest bitch of the whole series. The mother of dragons is her self-proclaimed title. She has shown her power many times in the series. I also love that she doesn’t agree with slavery. She is building her army by freeing slaves. They are so grateful they are joining her army as free men. When the series first starts off you don’t get what she is about. Her and her brother were outed. Her father was the mad king that was killed by Jaime Lannister. They stated that the Targaryen had a lot of incest going on, so there is always one crazy one.

Her brother is evil to her and pimps her to form an army to get his father lost kingdom back. Eventually the brother is killed due to his disrespect of his sister. She surprised me in every turn. You can see her self-esteem building with every seen. The best scene when she sold her dragon for an army. Then she turned on the guy she bought it from.

I have not read the books which makes this series very interesting. I don’t know what is going to happen. I would love to see her win. I have a feeling that isn’t going to happen.

She is so young and so strong in mind. She is a perfect fit for this character. I can’t wait to see what comes in season 4.


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Game Of Thrones (Catelyn Stark)

250px-Catelyn_Stark_S3This is the wife of Brandon Stark. A lord and good friend of the king. The series begins with this family. You realize all the children in this clan do not belong to her. Jon Snow is her husband bastard child. How did he bring this baby home and expect her to suck it up, we never know.

It is clear he is not accepted as an heir. Her son likes to climb and witness the queen sexing up her brother. Jaime Lannister pushes her son from the tower window so no one learns the secret.  This is when you see the strength of mothers. She was by his side everyday. Until she realized someone was trying to kill her son. Then she knew there was more to the story.

All this leads to inevitable war after her husband is slain by the King Joffery Lannister. Her oldest son Robb Stark claims to be the king of the north and the war begins. She guides her son in this war. Which he was not ready for and made several big mistakes.

She was more loyal to the welfare of her other children. She only knew how one child was doing during most of the series and that was Robb. The other four were out in the world and she prayed they were alright. She wanted to deal with the Lannister’s to get her daughters back safely. She let Jamie Lannister go which created a problem between her and Robb.

Robb should have paid attention to some of her advice. Such as not marrying the woman he fell in love with. Doing his duty and looking beyond his self to marry one of Walder Frey daughters. This decision marked the end of the Kind of the North and his whole army. His mother tried to warn him. The last scene when everyone was being killed. Catelyn had Walder Frey wife and yelled let her son go or she would kill his wife. Frey immediately said I will get another one.

Her reaction was perfect when they killed Robb. You could feel the pain of her child being killed in front of her. Then she was killed.

She is a very good actress and I appreciated her part in this series.


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The Game of Thrones (Cersei Lannister Baratheon)

250px-Cersei_Lannister_HBO_Promo_This is the character you love to hate. She is the Queen and the wife of the King Robert Baratheon. When you first meet her she has an evil feel to her. She seems nasty for no reason. Once you get to know her she is a straight up Bitch. That is also sleeping with her twin brother. Which brings me back to the V.C. Andrews books I use to love. If you ever read flowers in the attic the brother and sister were sleeping with each other.

All Cersei children are not the kings. They are her brothers. A well hidden secret in the beginning. By season 3 everyone knows the freaky mess going on in the Lannister family.

She did make a good point. When you have incest children. You might get a crazy one in the mix. She is talking about her son Joffrey. Joffrey clearly has some problems. Since he found it fun to tortured two prostitutes. I think he is spoiled and entitled and couldn’t wait to be king.

You get the point that she is ruthless bitch that is only concerned about herself and her family. The one she can’t stand up to is her father. Who pimped her out again. It was clear she was forced to marry Robert Baratheon. By Season 3 she is forced to marry Loras Tyrell.
What I found hilarious is when the match was being formed by Cersei father and Loras grandmother. They debated what was more trifling. Loran sleeps with men or Cersei sleeping with her brother. By the end of the conversation the merging of empires was the only choice.

I have to say Lena Headey is a very good actress. I believe she is an evil bitch. I love when your watching fantasy stories and the characters fit the part.

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The Game of Thrones (Arya Stark review)

I decided to review each supporting character first. I will begin with this little girl.

250px-Arya_season3Arya Stark will be my first character. She is the youngest girl of Lord Eddard and Catelyn Stark. She has a right to be royalty. She rather be a knight and fight. It was comical at first. A little girl wanting to fight and defend. They didn’t really tell you much about her. Other than her being a child of a Lord.

Her older sister very opposite of her wants to be queen. She is promised to Joffrey Lannister (heir to the throne) and is waiting for the day she will marry a future king. They are beyond different. The little girl seemed to be smarter than her older sister. Knowing that aligning with these Lannister’s was not a good idea. Especially after Joffery Lannister showed he was a lair and a coward.

Once the war begin and Jeffery killed the Lord Eddard Stark. Arya should have been imprisoned and used as a bargaining chip for the Lanniseter in the war. She escaped, which her family is not aware. I am impressed with the character. She is smart and naive at the same time.

Disguised as a boy to make it through undetected as she traveled alone. I love the writing and I enjoy her character. I have to admit she is not totally convincing. It seemed that something was off when she was playing a boy. It was hard to believe. I doubt she will win an Emmy for that performance. I believe she is a good actor, that has a great script. Granted I would have love for her to have gotten word to her family. Granted who knows what the series has coming next.

Also her father got her a fighting instructor before everything went crazy. Which I thought would be used later in the series. I haven’t seen to many fighting skills from her. It would make it more interesting if she started kicking people’s ass. I do enjoy her character, but I wish she did more. Some things they started with this character I haven’t seen them follow through yet. Her being able to fight would have made her believable as a boy. Also showing that her dream of becoming a Knight might come true.

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Game of Thrones Season 1 (The Families)

I was told about this series and wasn’t to interested in watching. I really don’t know what made me watch the first episode. I decided to give it a shot. I do love period pieces.

Usually ones more on the romantic side. The movie Sense and sensibilities is more my style. I also loved Lord of the Rings and this had a hint of a resemblance. I have to say it has exceeded far beyond my expectations.

I should have known HBO would come out with full guns. Without the restrictions that other networks have to worry about. HBO can make every series different and more scandalous than anything put on TV.

I have to say there were so many plots going on, it was very hard to keep up. If you could keep half of them straight you are doing good.tumblr_ljvomnekzJ1qa2ylwo1_1280

From what I could keep in my head there are:

1)The Stark’s -They seem to be the honorable family of the whole bunch. They want things to be right and the kingdom rules to be followed. The head of the Stark family Eddard Stark. Is a friend to the King in which they fought in battle. Yet he seems naive to how to play the game. He is taken from his land to protect the King. A drunk, fat  in debt man, living out his days King.

2) The Lancasters – The King is married to Cersei the sister to the Lancaster Klan. They are found to be backstabbing treacherous bunch. The brother stabbed the prior King in the back. They called him the Mad King. The sister Queen Cersei is sleeping with her twin brother Jaime. So all her kids are inbreed. Which reminded me of V.C. Andrews. She was all about the incest in her books.

So all the Queens children are not the kings. If this secret were to be known they will be outcasts. They will do anything to protect this secret to keep the throne. The only decent one of the bunch is the dwarf brother Tyrion. He talks a lot of shit and is the smartest one of the bunch.

3) The Targaryen – These are the relatives of the mad King that was killed by Jaime Stark. He had two children Visery (son), Danerys (daughter). They were exiled after their father The King was killed. The brother desperate to get his crown back pimped out his sister to gain a Dothraki army.

4) The Dothraki branded savages and the army  the Visery bought with his sister’s hand in marriage.

I believe I got all the families straight. There are still many plots to go through. I watched season one.  The writing is unbelievable good. I have to say each plot line is interesting. Which is not easy to do. There are many series that goes in many directions that are supposed to fit together. Usually one or two plots are interesting. Then the other are random and you wish you could fast forward through them.

I have to say all plots of this story has me intrigued. Clearly HBO has another hit on their hands. I have to agree with all the other fans!!! It is a hit. I hope the writers keep up the good work.

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Game of Thrones (HBO SERIES)

game-of-thronesThis is my new obsession. Thank god HBO and  has all episodes from the past seasons online. I am a late comer to this series. My lack of paying for HBO made me miss the beginning of this series. I am almost through season one and plan to review.


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